Collaborative divorce vs. mediation: What’s the difference?

Couples who can no longer live together in harmony can still end their marriages without conflict and contention by opting for a collaborative divorce or divorce through mediation. There are differences between collaborative divorce vs. mediation, but the two processes share an important similarity. They keep the divorce out of the court system—until the final agreement is signed. This saves the parties time, money, Read More

What do I do if my ex won’t cooperate with the divorce?

Divorce proceedings are expensive, often depleting financial, emotional, and even physical resources. Exes often experience relief when their decree is finalized, and they can move on with their lives. Unfortunately, one partner sometimes makes it extremely difficult for the other to move on by failing to follow the terms of the divorce decree.Select Law Partners PLLC often receives phone calls from distraught Read More

Can I change my estate plan once it’s created?

Changing your estate plan once it’s been formalized is possible and advisable. Whenever you experience significant life events, you should revisit your will and other documents to ensure they still fit your needs. A skilled Fairfax estate planning attorney from Select Law Partners PLLC can review your existing documents and help you make advantageous estate plan changes.Why should I update my estate plan after it’s Read More

How is custody determined in Virginia?

In Virginia, parents are encouraged to create a plan that serves the best interests of their children. When parents cannot agree, state laws and precedents dictate how custody and visitation will be awarded. Our Fairfax child custody lawyers answer some of the most common questions when determining custody in Virginia.What types of custody are awarded in Virginia?Virginia’s custody and visitation laws allow a judge Read More

What should I do after my divorce is final?

Finalizing a divorce brings a sense of well-earned relief, even when the divorce is amicable. When there is still work to be done, a Fairfax divorce lawyer from Select Law Partners PLLC can help you figure out what to do after your divorce is final. Our experienced team has guided many just-divorced clients through post-divorce tasks, helping them transition smoothly into this new phase of their lives.Can my divorce Read More

Legal rights of unmarried couples living together in Virginia

From parental to property rights Unmarried couples living together face unique challenges, as they aren’t afforded the same protections married couples are given under Virginia law. Knowing your rights as a partner in an unmarried, cohabitating relationship is essential. The Fairfax child custody lawyers with Select Law Partners PLLC can help you understand how to safeguard your interests and your rights in Read More

Grandparent’s rights in Virginia: Custody, visitation, and more

The bond between grandparents and their grandchildren is a special one. However, in situations involving divorce, illness or death, family strife, or estrangement, a grandparent may be unable to see their grandchild. Depending on the circumstances, grandparents in Virginia may have rights to custody and visitation. If you’re a grandparent in Virginia who needs help determining your rights regarding your grandchild, Read More

How do you prove mental illness in a custody case?

The primary concern of individuals in child custody cases should be what’s in the best interest of their child, which requires consideration of both parents’ mental health. Suppose a parent exhibits symptoms of a mental illness that could affect their child’s well-being. In that case, it may be necessary to provide extensive evidence of that parent’s mental health condition in a custody, visitation, or parenting time Read More

Can I change my child’s name without my ex’s consent?

When parents are no longer together, there may be valid reasons for one parent to want to change the child’s name. While it is possible to change a child’s name in Virginia, parents do not have free reign to do it and a court has the discretion to approve or deny a name change petition.If both of a child’s parents are not in agreement about a name change, a court hearing will usually be required so the objections of Read More

What role does social media play in divorce proceedings?

It’s common for a person facing a life-changing situation like divorce to want to share what they are going through with their friends and family online. Yet, social media is not the place to vent or even discuss what is occurring in your divorce proceedings, as it could work against you. Social media and divorce simply do not mix. Keep reading to learn why.Can my posts on social media affect my case?If someone else Read More