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Working with a Fairfax flat fee divorce lawyer allows you to retain the representation you deserve in a divorce and know the cost of the services provided to you. Select Law Partners PLLC offers experienced legal guidance during divorce, helping clients understand the impact of financial decisions in divorce on future financial security.

For more than 20 years, attorneys with Select Law Partners have pursued beneficial and sustainable solutions to complex issues affecting families in Virginia. Our flat fee divorce services afford quality representation from a Fairfax divorce lawyer at Select Law Partners PLLC, who will help you navigate the divorce process at an affordable cost.

fairfax flat fee divorce lawyer

Work with the most trusted flat fee divorce lawyers in Fairfax

At Select Law Partners, we’re problem solvers, finding customized solutions for each client’s needs. Our Fairfax flat fee divorce services benefit couples whose divorces are more straightforward and are guided by a mutual agreement that benefits each partner. We also use mediation and collaboration whenever possible for a better outcome in the divorce process.

Explaining our flat fee services and costs with no hidden fees allows us to form a relationship based on trust with each client. Not every couple facing a divorce can benefit from our flat fee services. We want to understand how we can serve you better to ensure you’re prepared for life post-divorce. Learn more about us and the services we provide.

Select Law Partners provides expert legal guidance throughout your divorce

A Fairfax uncontested flat-fee divorce lawyer solely looks out for your best interests and provides you with independent legal advice. Issues can arise in divorce even when spouses are committed to working together in an amicable agreement. Certain documents, such as a QDRO, must be explicitly worded and contain specific information to address the compensation you should receive in the division of retirement funds.

Unintended errors in divorce proceedings may result in delays in implementing legal documents or costing a spouse significant retirement benefits, more tax fees, and other unwanted outcomes. Our meticulous attention to drafting divorce documents provides accuracy and ensures the decisions in a divorce align with your future goals.

Our Fairfax lawyers help you determine your best option for divorce

Scheduling a consultation will allow us to assess your needs and which of our services will work better for you. Consider the following questions to help determine if our flat fee divorce services can benefit you:

Discuss your divorce concerns with a member of our team. While our flat fee services in Fairfax work for many residents, there are better options than this one. We will provide an atmosphere for you to discuss your concerns openly.

Select Law Partners supports you throughout the flat fee divorce process

We help you obtain a flat fee, simple, uncontested property settlement agreement

A binding property settlement agreement allows a couple who have no children and are willing to collaborate on asset division terms to file for divorce once the six-month mandatory separation period has been fulfilled. How assets are divided in divorce impacts your future financial security and taxation.

We uncover any hidden assets

One of the most essential services a Fairfax divorce lawyer can provide is helping to shine a light on hidden divorce assets. If you are concerned that a partner may have hidden assets in retirement savings, our more comprehensive legal services can protect your future and save you in the long run.

We address division of retirement funds

Select Law Partners PLLC provides flat fee services to assist with uncontested retirement orders in a Fairfax divorce. Any contributions to retirement savings during the marriage are likely considered marital property. The division of retirement funds can be complex and may tremendously impact retirement savings. Spouses willing to work together to divide retirement savings accounts should consider the following:

  • The kind and number of retirement funds each spouse has
  • The amount in each account and how contributions are made
  • How the funds will be distributed

(H4) Retirement funds and QDROs

Select Law Partners PLLC can help preserve your retirement benefits through a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO). Without a QDRO, you may have to remove retirement funds in a lump sum payout, which can result in exorbitant fees.

A QDRO can:

  • Allow a spouse receiving a portion of the retirement funds to be designated as the alternate payee and begin receiving payment at the time of the owning spouse’s retirement.
  • Provide equal division of retirement assets, considering the length of the marriage, each spouse’s contributions, and other factors impacting asset division.
  • Allow for the continual growth of each spouse’s retirement benefits to provide more financial security after divorce.
  • Protect against penalties and fees from early withdrawal, allowing funds to remain in the account of the spouse owning the account, which protects them for each spouse until the owning spouse, or participant, retires.

No surprises – Know what you’ll pay before meeting with us

Select Law Partners PLLC charges the following flat rate fees for these services in an uncontested divorce in Fairfax:

  • Uncontested divorce: $700
  • Court filing fee: $86
  • Uncontested property settlement agreement cost: $1,000
  • Uncontested retirement orders/QDROs: $1,000 per order

A court filing fee for divorce may vary and is established by the court. A Fairfax flat fee divorce attorney can determine the exact court fee amount when filing, which may vary minimally. A QDRO is required for each retirement account, with designated payments going to an alternate payee.

Select Law Partners is the premier flat fee divorce firm in Fairfax

Select Law Partners PLLC offers flat fee divorce services to provide a more affordable and less complicated divorce process in an uncontested divorce. Our focus is on the best outcome for each client. Contact us online or call (855) 541-4867 to schedule a consultation to discuss your options.

We address common questions you may have about flat fee divorce

What factors affect the cost of divorce in Fairfax?

Contested divorces are typically more expensive since couples who cannot agree on divorce terms rely on a divorce attorney to present their motions in court, incurring additional attorney and court fees.

In an uncontested divorce (“uncontested” simply means the other party agrees to the terms), couples rarely need to go to court. This significantly cuts expenses.

Other factors impacting the cost of a Virginia divorce include:

  • Asset division: All marital assets are divided in a divorce and will be divided by the courts when spouses cannot agree on the division. The more marital assets a couple shares, the greater the complexity of division can become.
  • Spousal support: Various types of spousal support (or alimony) may be ordered in a Fairfax divorce when couples cannot agree on support amounts. The length of time support is paid depends on each marriage’s circumstances.
  • Child custody: Who will retain custody of a child is one of the most contested family law issues. When parents disagree, Virginia Courts will determine child custody based on the child’s best interests.

Do combined flat fee services cost less than other divorce services?

The cost of a divorce will vary depending on your particular circumstances. Working with a Fairfax flat fee divorce lawyer may save you the following fees:

  • Retainer fee as a deposit to secure an attorney’s services
  • Hourly costs to cover legal services as needed
  • Filing fees for complaints and pre-trial motions
  • Service fees for serving a divorce complaint to a spouse
  • Records fees
  • Expert witness costs
  • Deposition fees

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