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Representing Clients Facing Criminal Charges in Virginia

We know that being accused of a crime can be devastating. Whether you have been wrongly accused or made a regrettable mistake, we believe that everyone facing criminal charges deserves to have a strong defense strategy developed by an experienced Virginia criminal defense lawyer. Our firm is here to assist with your case.

Learning About the Types of Criminal Defense Cases Our Firm Handles

As experienced Virginia criminal defense attorneys, we handle a wide variety of criminal defense cases. We regularly represent clients and develop tailored defense strategies for felony charges such as homicide and sex crimes cases, as well as for misdemeanor cases that may include assault and battery, manslaughter, and theft offenses.

Potential Penalties Upon Conviction of a Criminal Offense in Virginia

We know that facing criminal charges can be daunting; the penalties can be severe if you are unable to beat the charges against you. Felony convictions can result in one year to life in prison, while even a misdemeanor conviction can result in a penalty of up to 12 months in jail.

Why You Should Work With an Aggressive Virginia Criminal Defense Lawyer

We work with clients to develop defense strategies for a variety of criminal charges in the Commonwealth of Virginia. From misdemeanor offenses involving drug possession or assault to felony charges that can result in years of imprisonment, we focus on tailoring a defense strategy to reflect the specific facts of each client’s case.

Handling Many Different Kinds of Criminal Defense Cases in the Commonwealth

  • Representing clients in DUI, DWI, and reckless driving offenses in Northern Virginia
  • Developing defense strategies that are tailored to the particular needs of each client
  • Defending clients against a wide variety of misdemeanor and felony charges
  • Working with the prosecution to have charges reduced when an acquittal is unlikely

You should never have to handle a complex criminal defense case on your own. When you are facing charges, it is essential to have an aggressive Virginia criminal defense lawyer who can help you to beat these devastating charges.

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