What should I do after my divorce is final?

Finalizing a divorce brings a sense of well-earned relief, even when the divorce is amicable. When there is still work to be done, a Fairfax divorce lawyer from Select Law Partners PLLC can help you figure out what to do after your divorce is final. Our experienced team has guided many just-divorced clients through post-divorce tasks, helping them transition smoothly into this new phase of their lives.

what to do after divorce is final

Can my divorce decree help me determine my next steps?

Yes. Review your divorce decree carefully. You will likely see statements such as “The parties shall (or “will” or “must”), followed by an instruction. Use these keywords to create a checklist of tasks to fulfill.

You can find divorce checklists online, which give you a general frame of reference, but your divorce decree is specific to your situation. Your attorney can help you conduct the decree review, ensuring you do not overlook any items.

What are typical post-divorce tasks?

Your divorce decree establishes who gets what in your divorce, yet certain property or assets may not have been divided and distributed. Here are several things to do after the divorce is final to manage those assets:

  • Transferring vehicle titles
  • Liquidating assets and dividing the proceeds
  • Signing quitclaim deeds to transfer property titles
  • Closing joint bank accounts and distributing funds
  • Refinancing the home, removing the ex-partner’s name
  • Closing shared credit cards and opening new ones in your name only
  • Reviewing your credit report and clearing up changes or disputes

If you’ve changed your name, notify all creditors and ensure your new name is on all your accounts. Update your driver’s license, Social Security Card, passport, and any other official documents with your new name.

What about my future financial plans?

Meet with a financial advisor to discuss new investments or steps to take to ensure your future financial stability. If you have a retirement or pension plan, update your beneficiaries. If applicable, have the courts issue a Qualified Domestic Relations Order. Your attorney can help you determine if this step is necessary and how to follow through. Review or create an estate plan with your attorney.

What should I do about healthcare and end-of-life instructions?

If your ex-spouse’s health insurance covers you, you must get new coverage immediately. You may get coverage through your job, but if not, you may qualify for COBRA or find a suitable policy under the Affordable Care Act.

You’ll also need to update your healthcare directives, such as designating a new healthcare proxy or creating a living will. Your Fairfax divorce attorney can help you with these tasks, drafting a new will, updating beneficiaries, and documenting your end-of-life wishes.

How can I work toward a smooth transition after divorce?

Stick to the terms of your divorce decree. Select Law Partners PLLC can help you sort through name changes and other legalities, but be sure to uphold all other elements of the agreements. Honor any child support, custody, and visitation agreements. Make spousal support payments on time.

Do not forget to notify your children’s school of custody arrangements or school pickup limitations. Be sure schools know who to call–or not–should an emergency arise.

We’ll help you get each post-divorce job done swiftly

There are many things to do after a divorce is final, but you don’t have to do everything on your own. Select Law Partners PLLC will efficiently take you through the post-divorce process. To partner with a Fairfax divorce lawyer from our team, call (855) 541-4867 or send a message. We look forward to helping you.

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