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A prenuptial agreement, or a “prenup,” is a legal contract a couple enters into before marriage. In Virginia, these are formally known as Premarital Agreements. They outline how assets and finances will be managed and divided in the event of a divorce or the death of a spouse, including provisions for property division, spousal support, and each party’s rights and responsibilities.

Our Fredericksburg family law attorneys at Select Law Partners PLLC can provide experienced guidance and help you articulate your wishes before entering an agreement. Working with a knowledgeable attorney ensures you understand the benefits and implications of a prenup for your situation. Contact us online or call (855) 541-4867 when you’re ready to start.

Why are prenups helpful?

The primary purpose of a premarital agreement is to protect individual assets and streamline financial matters if the marriage ends, aligning with the couple’s preferences rather than default legal provisions. While it may seem uncomfortable to discuss the potential end of a marriage before it begins, prenups can significantly reduce conflict and provide peace of mind by clearly outlining the management and division of assets from the outset.

Couples may opt for a prenuptial agreement for various reasons, often finding that it brings security and clarity to their relationship.

Business ownership

Protecting a business from the complications of a potential divorce is a common concern, particularly if both spouses are business partners.

Multiple marriages

For those entering a second or subsequent marriage, particularly with children from previous relationships, a prenup can safeguard certain assets for these children.

Asset and debt protection

A prenup ensures that any debts or assets brought into the marriage remain with the original owner.

Mature marriages

Older couples often bring significant individual assets into marriage. They may have specific plans for these assets, including provisions for any children or a younger spouse after one’s death.

Domestic compensation

If one partner sacrifices career opportunities to manage the home or care for children, a prenup can provide spousal support that reflects their contribution should the marriage dissolve.

What’s included in premarital agreements?

Premarital agreements in Virginia can include a variety of provisions related to the division of property, alimony, and other financial matters. However, they cannot dictate terms related to child custody or child support, as decisions about children must be based on their best interests at the time of the divorce, not predetermined in a premarital agreement. Additionally, provisions that encourage divorce or that penalize a party for the dissolution of the marriage are typically not enforceable.

What makes a premarital agreement valid?

Under Virginia’s Premarital Agreement Act, both parties must write and sign prenups. These agreements are designed to be fair and must include a full disclosure of assets unless this requirement is waived. If challenged, a prenup could be deemed unenforceable if it was signed under duress, based on fraud, or found unconscionable when signed.

Enforceability criteria

Premarital agreements must meet specific criteria to be enforceable. Each party must enter the agreement voluntarily, and there must be a full and fair disclosure of assets unless both parties explicitly waive this requirement. Additionally, having independent legal counsel for each party can help ensure the agreement is considered fair and conscionable, reducing the likelihood that either party was coerced or lacked understanding of the terms. The agreement must also not contain any provisions that violate public policy or law, particularly concerning child support and custody.

What’s the difference between a prenuptial and postnuptial agreement?

While prenuptial agreements are made before marriage, postnuptial agreements are entered into after a couple is married. Both serve similar purposes but may be perceived differently in legal terms. Postnuptial agreements can be particularly useful for couples who encounter significant changes in their financial status after marrying or who wish to revise a premarital agreement based on new circumstances.

Broader implications of prenups

Beyond protecting assets, prenups can address numerous other aspects of a couple’s financial life together, including:

  • How household bills are divided.
  • Management of funds for spousal support from previous marriages.
  • Decisions around spousal maintenance in the event of a divorce.
  • How incomes and inheritances are treated.
  • Custody of pets.
  • Arrangements in case of separation due to religious beliefs preventing divorce.

Impact on estate planning

Prenuptial agreements can significantly impact estate planning by specifying what happens to each party’s assets upon death. This can be especially important in marriages where one or both parties have children from previous relationships or significant individual assets they wish to allocate in specific ways, separate from the provisions of a will.

Can a prenup be modified or revoked? 

A premarital agreement can be modified or revoked only by a written agreement signed by both parties. This process requires the same level of disclosure and voluntariness as the original premarital agreement. Couples may seek to modify their agreement to update it according to changes in their financial situations or in anticipation of major life changes like having children.

Legal challenges

Prenuptial agreements in Virginia may be challenged on grounds such as fraud, duress, or unconscionability. A successful challenge might argue that one party did not fully disclose their assets or was pressured into signing the agreement without proper understanding or time for consideration. Courts will scrutinize the conditions under which the prenup was signed to ensure fairness.

Tips for drafting a prenuptial/premarital agreement

When drafting a prenuptial agreement, it is crucial to ensure clarity and thoroughness. Parties should:

  • Clearly list all assets and liabilities.
  • Discuss their financial expectations and obligations during and potentially after the marriage.
  • Consider the long-term implications of the agreement.
  • Work with experienced attorneys who can provide tailored advice and ensure that the agreement complies with current laws and will hold up under legal scrutiny.

The role of a Fredericksburg prenuptial and premarital agreements attorney

Crafting a prenuptial agreement is a collaborative process that requires careful consideration and legal expertise. At Select Law Partners PLLC, our attorneys draft and review these agreements and offer ongoing legal support through all of life’s transitions, whether related to family law or estate planning.

Contact us today if you are considering a premarital agreement or have questions about how one might benefit your upcoming marriage. Our Fredericksburg prenuptial and premarital agreements attorney is ready to provide you with the detailed advice and respectful service you deserve to make informed decisions about your future. Call us at (855) 541-4867 or schedule online for a consultation. Together, we can lay a strong, clear foundation for your marriage.

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