What are the benefits of a living will?

Creating a living will is an important part of advance care planning. It allows you to formalize your medical wishes in writing to be referenced If you become incapacitated or too ill to communicate. The benefits of a living will include allowing you to keep control of your medical care and taking tremendous stress off family members who would otherwise have to make those choices on your behalf without knowing which decisions you prefer. For help creating a living will, contact a Fairfax estate planning attorney from Select Law Partners PLLC.

benefits of a living will

What is a living will?

Living wills are legal documents that establish what medical care you want to receive if you cannot make those decisions on your own anymore. It includes treatments you want, those you wish to avoid, and the conditions to which you want these decisions applied.

For example, you may document your wish to prolong or not prolong your life by receiving or refusing artificial nutrition and hydration through feeding tubes or intravenous (IV) delivery.

A living will focuses on medical care wishes. It does not address matters of your estate, such as how your property and financial assets are to be divided, end-of-life arrangements, gifts, or care for children or other dependents–though a Fairfax wills and trusts attorney from our team can help you with those issues.

How does a living will help me?

A living will benefits you by granting you control of emergency medical decisions. This provides you with the peace of mind knowing that you have control over your medical care even if you are not able to speak or communicate. You can also document your wishes regarding organ donation.

Sometimes, people fear their living wills may prevent medical practitioners from providing care, but living wills are end-of-life documents. They don’t compromise your right to routine care or medical treatment for non-life-threatening conditions.

What are the benefits of a living will for family members?

The benefits of having a living will extend to your family members because you relieve them from making agonizing and life-and-death decisions during highly emotional times. You have made the difficult decisions ahead of time, allowing your loved ones to prepare for your death and simply be by your side during your final days.

Family members may have different views on whether a medical decision is in your best interest. There’s a risk discussions could become contentious, breaking relationships apart and causing long-term family fissures. Your living will may help prevent these potentially devastating conflicts.

How can an attorney help?

An experienced Fairfax estate planning attorney from Select Law Partners PLLC can help you through the process of preparing a living will. Your attorney can guide your decision-making process, ensure you include specific directives, and advise you regarding conversations with your healthcare providers. Virginia has laws governing living wills, and your attorney will ensure your document’s legal compliance.

We help you prepare

It’s crucial to have a living will in place before a devastating injury or illness affects you. At that point, decisions are out of your hands. Preparing for the unexpected–or even expected end-of-life medical situations–keeps you in control of your life and protects your loved ones from having to make heart-wrenching directions.

Call (855) 541-4867 or send a message to connect with Select Law Partners PLLC. We will schedule a meeting with a knowledgeable Fairfax estate planning attorney who will help you create a living will.

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