What is a pour-over will?

When thinking of estate plans, most people think of wills, trusts, and powers of attorney, however, there are several documents that comprise a complete estate plan. There are different types of trusts and wills, and sometimes the use of one type of will, such as a living trust, will trigger the recommendation that you utilize an additional instrument such as a pour-over will.

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Continue reading to learn more about pour-over wills and if they might be an instrument you should utilize for your estate.

Pour-over will

A pour-over will is a safeguard for those who have a revocable living trust. With only one beneficiary, your revocable living trust, a pour-over will functions as a safety net to capture any assets that weren’t transferred into your trust. These assets will be transferred into your trust, then distributed to your beneficiaries as your trust instructs. If you don’t have a pour-over will, the assets in your trust will be distributed as directed, but any assets that weren’t in the trust will pass to your heirs based on Virginia’s probate laws. This could result in assets of great monetary or sentimental value being awarded to a person other than the one you intended. 

Advantages of a pour-over will

Need help with a trust or pour-over will?

Protecting your assets for your use and enjoyment during your life is important, it’s also important that you protect them after your death for your loved ones. A complete and binding estate plan is imperative to ensure this can be accomplished. 

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