How to Prepare for Your First Meeting with a Family Law Attorney

Preparation is vital if you expect your initial meeting with your family law attorney to go well. The first meeting helps to shape the relationship you have with your attorney and gives you an idea of what kind of family law case you have on your hands. There are five questions you can ask yourself to help prepare and mold your expectations.

1. What Are Your Wants and Needs?

Knowing what you want and what you need for yourself and your family is the first step in preparing for your first meeting with your attorney. When asking yourself this question, consider your family situation as well as your financial and professional situation.

2. Does Your Attorney Seem Competent?

Your family law attorney should be experienced and knowledgeable about your specific type of case, whether it’s divorce, adoption, child support or alimony. Read about your attorney and his or her experience in the days leading up to your first meeting and find out how many years he or she has practiced family law in Virginia.

3. What’s Happening in Your Case?

You may just be contemplating the idea of divorce and wanting some legal advice, or your spouse may already be taking funds from your bank account in preparation for divorce. Where you are in the process determines which actions you and your attorney need to take immediately and which can wait.

4. How Much Do You Know About Your Finances?

In some marriages, one spouse is in charge of the finances. During a divorce, both spouses need to have a firm understanding of their assets, debts, and income. The more details about your finances you can provide during your first meeting with your attorney, the more productive the meeting can be.

5. How Honest Are You Prepared to Be?

Your attorney will more than likely ask you several questions. Being completely honest lets your attorney know your financial and psychological atmosphere in order to better prepare and build your case.

How well prepared you are for your first meeting with your attorney is just as important as the meeting itself. Remember to ask yourself a few questions before you ask your attorney any.

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