What time of the year are most DUI arrests?

Popular holidays like Christmas, New Year's, and Fourth of July warrant additional police checkpoints to look for and arrest drunk drivers. An experienced Fairfax DUI lawyer from Select Law Partners PLLC discusses the times of year with the most DUI arrests.What time of year do most DUIs happen?New Year's Eve is the most common night to be arrested for DUI. Colder months often lead to people using alcohol to fight Read More

What are Virginia’s sentencing guidelines?

In Virginia, sentencing guidelines provide a framework for judges to determine appropriate sentences based on the circumstances of each felony. Aggravated factors increase the severity of a person’s sentence for certain factors. If you are charged with a felony in Virginia, a Fairfax criminal defense lawyer from Select Law Partners PLLC can examine the state’s sentencing guidelines to give you an accurate idea of Read More

What holiday has the most DUIs?

While driving under the influence (DUI) is illegal every day of the year, you may wonder what holiday has the most DUIs. If you are charged with DUI, contact a Fairfax DUI lawyer at Select Law Partners PLLC. We are here to help you build your defense strategy and keep you from suffering the consequences.Holiday DUI statisticsThe Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles found nearly 6,749 alcohol-related crashes occurred Read More

What should I expect from a good criminal defense lawyer?

A good Fairfax criminal defense lawyer will work tirelessly to understand every detail associated with your case. Skilled criminal defense lawyers know they must absorb the facts of a case to understand how to protect their clients. All criminal cases can be lost or won depending on the facts and the witnesses connected to the case. A good criminal defense lawyer will zealously advocate for their clients and is Read More

How long does a domestic violence case take?

Domestic violence cases are often contentious, adversarial, and lengthy. It can be frustrating for clients to assess how long it takes to resolve a domestic violence case. You may have been charged with a misdemeanor or a felony, and this can have a significant impact on how long the case remains active.Whether you are charged with several felonies or a single misdemeanor, the stakes are high. Your liberty, your Read More

Can you resist an unlawful arrest?

Resisting arrest is a complex topic in criminal law. There are rare circumstances when resisting an arrest is justifiable. Only officers granted the power to arrest citizens can make lawful arrests. Therefore, any arrests made by any person who is not a law enforcement officer will likely be an unlawful arrest.However, there are legal nuances in these unique situations which is why, if you think your arrest is Read More

Do you have to give the police your phone password?

Cell phones contain access to so much of our lives, and it’s frightening to realize how they could be used against us if we’re stopped by the police. Whether the police can force you to open your phone during a traffic stop or other arrest can get legally confusing.Understanding your rights and when the authorities need a search warrant is vital to protecting yourself. You will need guidance from an experienced Read More

How do you defend against allegations of domestic violence?

Written by Ben Brasfield, a native Virginia attorney who focuses on criminal law There's no one specific way to defend against a domestic violence charge. Each case is unique and depends upon the particular facts and circumstances of the relationship. The consequences of a conviction for domestic violence can be significant and your Constitutional rights can be affected. Continue reading to learn more, then Read More

Is it worth fighting a DUI charge?

If you're facing a charge for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you have the right to a defense. However, the idea of going to court to fight a DUI charge can be intimidating, and many people wonder if it's worth the time, effort, and money. There's no easy answer here — it depends on your unique situation. Generally speaking though, it is often worth it to fight a DUI charge. The consequences of a Read More

How long can you be detained by the police?

Police can detain you for as long as it takes them to conduct an investigation, but every encounter with police is different and can result in a longer detention period. It’s important to know your rights and how long you can be detained by the police. Keep reading to learn how long you can legally be detained by the police.Legal limits on police detention in VirginiaUnless you ask the police officer if you can leave Read More

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