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It is time for change, and you are ready to file for divorce. The process can seem complex with numerous steps, and that is the case. However, when working with a divorce attorney in Roanoke, VA, like an attorney from our Select Law Partners PLLC team, we can help you navigate all of the legal challenges and ensure you get the best possible way forward.

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How much does it cost to divorce in Roanoke?

One of the most complicated questions is the cost of filing for divorce in Roanoke.

Many factors affect how much it costs to hire an attorney.

First, consider that there is a cost of filing with Roanoke County. There is a civil court filing fee that you must pay. Filing fees range widely but usually around $80 to $100.

However, you also have to pay for the legal services of the attorney and law firm staff that you hire. Our attorneys charge a competitive rate, and there are many situations where you can expect to pay several thousand dollars. While costs differ based on the divorce matter and how complicated or contested it is, we are happy to provide you with a quote for the expenses you are likely to pay when you call and set up a consultation. Your attorney will go over the fees and how payments work during the consultation.

Contested or uncontested divorce is the most significant factor affecting costs

One of the factors that can play a role in the cost of divorce filings is whether or not it is a contested case. In an uncontested divorce, both parties have agreed to the terms of all the issues related to the divorce, such as property division, spousal support, custody, visitation, parenting time, and child support. Both parties want to file for divorce and can work together to create a plan to move forward.

A contested divorce is complicated because the parties may fight about every case component. That means there are more instances of necessary communication, more mediation services, and ultimately, the need to go to court for a judge to decide what will occur in the divorce.

Divorce mediation: A respectful and resolution-oriented alternative

Changing the focus of divorce from anger about the past to negotiating for a secure future, our clients and their families often experience less emotional trauma because of our progressive approach.

Through mediation and collaboration, our Roanoke divorce attorneys serve as liaisons to diffuse charged situations involving other individuals and their attorneys. Our focus is to find resolutions efficiently, saving you time and money, and preventing ongoing legal battles. Our support and guidance set the course for sound decisions while allowing each client to control the action while moving forward.

Mediation makes the divorce process more flexible. Let us help you explore alternative solutions to your family’s unique circumstances.

Why do I need a lawyer for divorce? Can’t I just file myself?

Hiring a divorce attorney in Roanoke, VA, is a valuable investment. It may be possible to handle some of the work yourself, but you must hire an attorney for some considerable reasons.

Hiring a lawyer means you will have a professional who can help you to ensure your rights are recognized and that, when you leave the marriage, you have the financial resources to move forward in the best way possible. You should always have an attorney who works solely on your behalf rather than share the process with the other party.

Who pays attorney costs and fees?

Most of the time, in Virginia, the cost of legal fees, including for the attorney’s services, are paid by each party. In some situations, the court may award the attorney fees to the other party, but you should plan to pay for the costs yourself. It is always possible to negotiate or discuss why the other party should pay those costs.

Our Roanoke divorce attorney is happy to help you explore the legal options in this area in your situation. We encourage you to reach out to us immediately for help and guidance.

roanoke divorce lawyer

Legal separation vs. divorce

One of the questions you may have for your Roanoke divorce lawyer is whether you should file for divorce or just engage in legal separation.

Remember that Virginia does not recognize legal separation as a specific type of formal marriage ending. It does not recognize legal separation as a legal status in a no-fault divorce. In other words, the court will not specifically award you a legal separation.


Legal separation is one method that some states allow in which both parties agree to move beyond their life together in separate paths. There is no actual divorce, and both parties cannot remarry, though both parties live apart. Divorce, by comparison, is the final ending of a marriage. In this situation, both parties start their own lives separate in all ways.


Separation and divorce allow people to no longer remain a single entity. That is, they can live separately and make their own decisions.

Right to conversion

It is possible for a legal separation to be converted to a divorce in some situations. However, the court requires that parties be separated for at least a full year (living apart from each other during that time, unless you have a signed agreement settling all issues arising from the marriage and you have no children in which case the separation only needs to be for six months) before this can take place.

Why you can trust Select Law Partners PLLC

At Select Law Partners PLLC, we can provide you with several key reasons to trust us. When you turn to our divorce attorneys in Roanoke, VA, you will always work with a compassionate professional who is committed to providing you with attention to your needs. We listen and guide you every step of the way.

Our priority is to make sure you feel comfortable and supported throughout this life-changing experience. Without any doubt, that requires careful attention to your individual needs. We follow the law, but we also know the law well enough to be able to help our clients achieve their very best outcomes.

We offer several key benefits:

  • We are proven, successful attorneys with a strong history of helping our clients navigate this process with confidence.
  • We have a solid level of experience and a reputation in the court system to protect our clients.
  • Our goal is to make this as simple and straightforward as possible, but we are not afraid to go to court when it is in the best interests of our clients to do so.

Call our divorce lawyer in Roanoke, VA, today. Discuss your case with us now. There is no reason to wonder what happens next. Let us help you navigate the process with confidence.

What’s the divorce process in Roanoke?

Once you decide to file for divorce, you will find there are numerous steps involved in the process. We do not let you navigate this alone. You will always have opportunities to ask us questions and let us guide you through the entire process with confidence. Here is a brief look at what occurs.

File with the correct court

The first step is to determine which court to file for divorce in. Typically, for those in Roanoke, this is done at the Roanoke County Circuit Court or the Roanoke City Circuit Court or one of the surrounding localities.

Often, the parties will file their Complaint after they’ve agreed to all issues related to divorce, such as how they will divide their property and how they will support their children.

Discovery begins

Discovery is the process by which parties will go about learning about each other’s wishes and what evidence will be used for litigation. As your attorney, we will navigate this process by gathering information and evidence to support your claim. Information is exchanged between parties throughout this process. This includes each spouse’s personal and financial information and goals.

Settlement or proceed to trial

The parties may engage in negotiations to determine issues such as visitation and division of property, noting their decisions in a settlement agreement before the need for a trial.

If it is impossible to reach an agreement, we proceed to trial. This typically means the court must be called in to make key decisions. All evidence is brought before a judge to decide upon. The judge does not side more with one party or the other but aims to create a fair and equitable route forward for all involved.

If the parties reach an agreement at any point in the process, the judge can issue a final order to make the agreement a legally binding part of a court order and enforceable by the Court. When key issues must be brought to trial, the judge will make a ruling on the contested matters.

How long do divorces usually take?

A divorce can take a year or more to be finalized in Virginia. Our team will do everything we can to speed up the process.

Final documents in divorce

The final document in a divorce is called a divorce order. This document outlines all of the important information about the case, including that the divorce is finalized and the division of property.

Don’t go it alone – our Roanoke divorce lawyers are ready to help

Filing for divorce is one of the most significant decisions of your life. You should do so when you have reached a point where you can no longer remain in a safe, happy place. Yet, you should not go through this legal process alone.

By working with our divorce attorney in Roanoke, VA, we can help you navigate every part of the process, providing confidence that you will settle this case in the best possible route forward. That means you will have the best ability and opportunity to move into the next phase of your life with the resources and support to be successful.

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