Roanoke Family Law Attorney

Complicated legal matters require creative solutions and collaborative mediation skills. Our skilled attorneys focus on solutions to secure a solid foundation for our clients, striving to achieve our client’s best interests through mediation and collaborative processes. Our family law attorneys and staff offer a full range of services to assist families from the joyful times of adoption to the difficult decisions that accompany divorce. Contact Select Law Partners PLLC to speak with a dedicated Roanoke lawyer to find optimal resolutions for family law matters. roanoke family law attorney

How our attorneys can help

Our Roanoke, VA family law attorneys are here to help you. We focus on understanding complex rules to serve your family’s needs best. Using extensive knowledge of Virginia family law, we work with you to form a strategic plan for your future, valuing communication throughout our working relationship. Our focus is to find resolutions efficiently, saving you time and money and preventing ongoing legal battles. Our support and guidance set the course for sound decisions while allowing each client to control the action while moving forward. We take an honest and communicative approach so clients feel comfortable with our team, secure in the support they receive, and confident in their ability to make thorough choices as we continuously strive for resolutions. We face insurmountable obstacles head-on with a straightforward approach. We work through these challenges, helping you understand the process and seek better outcomes.


Focusing on negotiating a stable future, rather than dwelling on past grievances, significantly reduces emotional distress for our clients and their families during divorce. Even spouses in an amicable divorce deserve the support of a family law attorney to ensure their best interests are considered throughout the divorce process. And when collaboration is unattainable, we will stand by you to pursue a favorable resolution.

Child custody

Ultimately, parents who can work together will have more input about their child’s future. Let our family law lawyers in Roanoke, VA offer the guidance needed during the emotional time of determining child custody in Virginia. Understanding the types of custody parents can seek in Roanoke and how custody is determined is vital. Court determinations are final and require circumstances to meet specific criteria for modifications to be considered. roanoke va family law attorney

Child support

The process of determining child support can feel overwhelming, making the future seem uncertain, but our clients never endure this process without unwavering support and honest answers. Our family law lawyers in Roanoke are versed in exploring multiple avenues to help secure the financial assistance needed to support a child. Select Law Partners PLLC can also walk you through the process for enforcing a child support order in Virginia, removing the potential for hostile encounters with an uncooperative parent.


Establishing paternity and paternity rights in Virginia is vital for supporting and maintaining a solid relationship with the child. Navigating family law in Roanoke, VA can be particularly challenging for fathers seeking parental rights outside of a marital relationship. Let an experienced family law attorney in Roanoke, VA provide the navigational tools to establish parental rights for unmarried parents in Virginia.


Children deserve fierce advocates, and assisting children in finding nurturing environments that foster their success is a service and commitment to our community. Building a family through adoption is a legal process we are happy to help clients navigate.

Prenuptial agreements

Prenuptial agreements are crafted to establish the responsibilities and rights of each partner in the event of a divorce and address issues such as property division. A prenuptial agreement can establish the division of assets, making it possible to bypass the equitable distribution of certain assets. Speak with a family law attorney in Roanoke, VA, if you own a business going into a marriage, seek to separate debts, experience a significant age difference from your partner, or are entering a second marriage and have children from a previous marriage.

Property division

Virginia follows equitable marital property distribution law. Working with a Roanoke family law gives couples an active voice in this process. The division of property can drastically alter each partner’s future security, and Select Law Partners PLLC will offer personalized legal guidance to seek the best outcome for each client.

Our methods are centered around a respectful resolution

Respectful resolution is always an option, even in the most challenging family law cases. We focus on moving beyond conflict into a resolution that benefits each client’s family. The focus is never centered on past anger but on moving forward to seek optimal outcomes. This approach is financially and emotionally beneficial to partners and their children.

What are the benefits of working with a family lawyer?

One of the most vital benefits of working with a family lawyer in Roanoke is their ability to help clients understand and navigate the divorce process more efficiently. Simple paperwork mistakes can lead to delays in the divorce process, but these oversights can be eliminated by seeking guidance in family law in Roanoke, VA. Working with a family lawyer will also ensure a more equitable division of assets. Issues such as hidden divorce assets and division of assets in high-net-worth marriages are more readily approached, and the problems are solved when a trusted family law attorney is by your side. We advocate for your best interests throughout the divorce process. A family lawyer will also seek the best spousal and child support outcomes. Modifying these orders, once they are established, is challenging. Avoid tremendous financial mistakes by working with a family lawyer who understands your rights to financial support.

What to look for when hiring a family law attorney

Select Law Partners PLLC takes pride in its honesty and integrity. We value each client relationship and believe you should feel comfortable with our team because, as a client, you will share some of the most intimate details of your life with us. We are a team that believes in collaboration to find resolutions to a client’s most challenging life experiences.

Think of your goals

Considering your goals and the outcome you hope to achieve is critical. When you work with a family law attorney in Roanoke, VA you will experience a respectful process in meeting these goals. We strive to achieve the most favorable outcome without putting our clients through the stressful court process. We want you to be open and comfortable sharing your goals, concerns, and the potential obstacles you think might prevent achieving your desired outcome. We will listen to understand your unique needs and explore the options and alternative solutions you need to reach your intended goals.


Extensive experience in family law will ensure that a Roanoke attorney clearly understands how the law applies to your family’s situation and explores all the options available to meet your needs. While laws govern every family law case, each case presents unique circumstances. We never offer blanket solutions but have focused on individual resolutions for each client for over a decade. We understand local courts in Roanoke County and surrounding jurisdictions, so we understand how presiding judges handle family law cases and what evidence they expect to see.


Clients value the ability to openly and freely communicate with us. And that communication is reciprocated through updates to your case, ensuring your questions are answered and the process is clearly explained. From your first meeting with a family law attorney in Roanoke, VA, we want to meet your expectations and help you prepare for collaborative teamwork.


Generally, our skilled Roanoke family law attorneys work from retainers and bill at an hourly rate for services. Sometimes, we provide family law services on a flat fee basis.


We believe in our ability to meet each client’s needs. However, our past clients share their honest opinions about how we have served them in their time of need. Positive testimonials are essential to finding the right family law attorney, and Select Law Partners PLLC values every client.

Don’t go it alone – our Roanoke family law attorneys are ready to help

You are never alone with Select Law Partners PLLC on your side. Family law decisions have far-reaching and profound outcomes on your life, and we strive to help you make the best decisions possible. Never let the overwhelming circumstances ahead prevent you from reaching out for help. We can assist you in moving forward to find the resolutions that create a stronger future. Securing the guidance you need from your new legal team begins here or by calling (855) 541-4867. The first step starts with you, and then we’ll guide you the rest of the way.