Roanoke Criminal Defense Attorney

Depending on the crime you are accused of, your future and your liberties could be in jeopardy. Your criminal defense attorney in Roanoke, VA at Select Law Partners PLLC will work with you to craft a powerful defense strategy or negotiate with the district attorney to secure a plea agreement so you can avoid the devastating consequences of a criminal conviction. When you are ready to take control of your defense but unsure where to start, contact our law office for a confidential case review. When you do, we can further discuss viable defenses, the availability of evidence, and whether obtaining a plea bargain is in your best interests. roanoke criminal defense attorney

Types of criminal cases we handle

When you need a skilled criminal defense lawyer in Roanoke, VA you do not need to look any further than Select Law Partners PLLC. We have extensive experience defending the innocent and challenging the criminal justice system when our clients have been accused of serious offenses. Here are some of our team’s most common criminal cases.

Assault and battery

Assault and battery can include any kind of physical contact intended to be offensive in nature. The physical contact must be done in a rude, angry or vengeful manner. To be convicted of assault and battery, there must be physical contact and no legal justification for your use of force. Examples can include a punch, a slap, a push, or spitting on someone. It is possible to be charged with assault alone, which involves an action to initiate some kind of unwanted physical contact intended to do harm but where no physical contact occurs. Examples may include swinging to hit someone but missing.

Drug charges

There are many types of drug crimes in Virginia, including:
  • Drug paraphernalia
  • Drug possession
  • Manufacturing drugs
  • Trafficking drugs
  • Drug cultivation
  • Drug distribution


Trespassing charges may arise from an accusation that you entered a property owner’s premises without permission. You could also face trespassing charges if you were told to leave the property but remained on the premises anyway.

Domestic violence

Domestic violence offenses include malicious bodily injury, strangulation, stalking, abduction, or domestic assault and battery. You could face domestic violence charges if you are accused of violating an existing protective order.

Sex crimes

Many sex crimes are charged at the felony level. If you are convicted, not only will you spend a considerable amount of time in jail or prison, but upon your release, you will be required to register as a sex offender. Some of the most common types of sex offenses the accused face include:
  • Sexual assault
  • Statutory rape
  • Internet-related sex crimes
  • Solicitation and prostitution
  • Rape
  • Child pornography charges

Theft crimes

Theft crimes in Virginia can be misdemeanors or felonies. One of the most common types of theft crimes is larceny. The greater the value of the stolen goods, the greater your likelihood of facing felony charges.


Homicide is always charged as a felony offense and can include multiple types of charges, including:
  • Felony murder
  • Involuntary manslaughter
  • Voluntary manslaughter
  • First-degree murder
  • Second-degree murder

Why you should work with an attorney, even if you plan on pleading guilty

Having a legal advocate on your side is essential when you are accused of committing a crime and your freedom is in jeopardy. Here are just a few reasons why.

Investigate the incident

If you plan to challenge the allegations against you, you need a highly qualified criminal defense lawyer to help you investigate the incident, gather supporting evidence, review the state’s case against you, and prepare a compelling defense strategy. We have strong relationships with the prosecutors and judges within Virginia’s criminal justice system, so you can rely on Select Law Partners PLLC when considering a plea agreement. You may even find out that the Prosecutors do not have enough evidence to secure a conviction. roanoke criminal defense lawyer

Advocate for a lesser sentence

If you plan on pleading guilty, your attorney can help advocate for a lesser sentence or work with the district attorney to get you a plea bargain that could reduce your charges to a less serious offense or even help you avoid jail or prison time entirely. You do not need to wait until you are arrested to get help from a criminal attorney. We can start working on your defense immediately and potentially get the district attorney’s case against you tossed out before your case even goes to trial, particularly if we uncover constitutional rights violations or police or prosecutorial misconduct.

Take the case to trial

If securing a plea bargain or getting your charges dismissed is not a viable option, our team is ready to fight for your right to trial. We will be aggressive advocates and challenge the Prosecutor’s evidence and we will hold them to their burden of proving every element beyond a reasonable doubt. Our attorneys have extensive jury trial experience which is critical when it is time to take a matter to trial.

What to look for in a Roanoke criminal defense attorney

When you go online looking for a criminal attorney in Roanoke, you will be inundated with thousands of search results. Every law firm will claim to be the best option when defending yourself. However, selecting the right legal advocate is paramount if you hope to avoid the harsh penalties of a conviction. Here are some of the top qualities to look for.


You need a criminal defense lawyer completely dedicated to securing the best outcome in your case. We never take on more than we can handle, and we devote the time, energy, and resources your case needs to obtain a favorable outcome.


Prioritize perseverance. We do not back down. If the prosecutors are not willing deal or dismiss your charges then we are ready to take your matter to trial. We persevere and continue working on your case to figure out how we can overcome the odds and get you out of possibly the most difficult situation in your life.


Having a criminal defense attorney who has connections within Virginia’s criminal justice system is an invaluable asset. Our team has been working with prosecutors and judges for decades. You can rely on us to utilize our connections when necessary to reduce charges wherever possible and secure plea agreements that could help you protect yourself against the devastating consequences of a criminal conviction.


A crucial factor in a criminal defense attorney’s effectiveness is their level of experience. Our legal professionals in Roanoke boast a track record of handling over a thousand cases, spanning a diverse range of offenses such as DUIs, thefts, assaults, computer crimes, maimings, sex crimes, and murders. A seasoned attorney remains composed in the presence of multiple witnesses and when confronted with serious allegations. They can provide valuable insights based on their experience with similar cases and are well-versed in common defense strategies.

The criminal defense process in Virginia

Understanding how the criminal defense process in Virginia works could help you feel more confident as you work to clear your name.

1. First appearance and preliminary hearings

Your criminal defense lawyer in Roanoke will be by your side from the start. After your arrest, you may make your first appearance in court, where bail will be decided. If you have been held since being charged, your attorney will need to request a bond hearing. Even if the prosecutor is opposed to bond, your attorney can argue for your release. You may be able to secure your release on bail by posting a secure bond or agreeing to some pre-trial conditions. Following your magistrate hearing and initial appearance, you will have a preliminary hearing on any felonies in the General District Court. This is where the court will determine whether probable cause exists. If the court believes a felony crime has been committed, they can certify the charges and move your case forward to a grand jury in Circuit Court. However, if the court believes a misdemeanor offense has been committed, you could be tried in General District Court. Your criminal defense lawyer may also be able to get felony-level charges negotiated down to a misdemeanor depending on the circumstances of the case.

2. Arraignment

When your case is brought before a grand jury, the grand jury will determine whether probable cause exists. If they find probable cause, they can officially indict you, at which point your case will proceed to circuit court.

3. Pre-trial motions and trial

Before your case goes to trial, your attorney will conduct a thorough investigation and review the state’s case against you during discovery. At this point, we may be able to file pretrial motions to reduce charges, challenge unlawfully obtained evidence, and work to get other inappropriate or unnecessary evidence tossed out before a trial. The prosecutor must prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt to obtain a conviction. Your case will be heard before a 12-person jury unless you waive your right to a jury trial. Your criminal defense lawyer will present opening arguments, challenge the Commonwealth’s evidence, introduce defense evidence, call witnesses to support your case, and present closing arguments to argue for a not-guilty verdict.

4. Sentencing

Once the state and defense rest, the jury decides whether you should be convicted. Often the judge will determine the sentence after the jury has reached its verdict.

5. Appeals

If the jury does not return a verdict in your favor, your criminal defense lawyer will be ready to start working on your appeal, where we can challenge the court’s legal decisions that led to the conviction and work to get the conviction overturned or request a new trial.

Charged with a crime? We’ll connect you with the best defense.

The accusation of a criminal offense could be enough to destroy your reputation. If you are found guilty, your entire world could be shattered. It is time to take steps to protect your future. Consult with a respected criminal lawyer in Roanoke at Select Law Partners PLLC to determine your next steps. We will carefully examine the evidence and details of your case to determine the best course of action to obtain a favorable outcome. You can schedule your confidential defense strategy session today when you reach out to a top-rated Roanoke criminal defense lawyer at our firm. Do everything possible to avoid the severe ramifications of a conviction and get started on your defense when you complete our secured contact form or call our office at (855) 541-4867.