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Helping Clients Find a Workable Solution to a Dispute

When you are going through a complicated divorce case or other complex family law matter, mediation can be a cost-effective strategy for reaching a resolution much more quickly than litigation. While mediation might not be appropriate in all cases, it can allow many families to come together to resolve contentious disputes.

How Family Law Mediation Works in the Commonwealth of Virginia

Mediation is a process that can allow families in Virginia, especially divorcing couples, to reach a resolution on issues that are in dispute. Through mediation, we can help you come to an agreement with your spouse about property division, child custody, or another divorce issue.

Understanding Alternative Dispute Resolution and the Mediation Process

Mediation is one type of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) that allows disputing parties to stay out of the courtroom. In mediation, we still represent you, but you will work with a neutral third party known as a mediator who will facilitate dialogue between you and your spouse. The goal is for the parties to reach a resolution without going to court.

Moving Forward with Divorce Litigation When Mediation Cannot Resolve a Dispute

Mediation is a voluntary process, and it cannot work for all parties who are involved in contentious family law cases. We want you to know that mediation is never binding. If you cannot reach an agreement with the other party, we can move forward with litigation in your divorce case.

Mediation is a Cost-Effective and Beneficial Tool in Many Family Law Disputes

  • Mediation allows the parties to play a significant role in crafting an agreement
  • Parties can engage in dialogue and learn communication strategies
  • Mediation is never binding, and parties can still litigate a case
  • Mediation tends to cost much less and to take significantly less time than litigation.

Mediation is often beneficial to the parties involved. We frequently work with family law clients who feel a greater sense of ownership over their resolution when they have played a key role in negotiating an agreement. Even if mediation does not work out, we can litigate your case.

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