Uncontested Divorce Lawyer

Making the decision to end a marriage is a difficult one, but it does not have to be an expensive one. Select Law Partners offers a $700 flat-fee uncontested divorce.

What is included in the flat fee?

1. Drafting the documents. Sit back and relax, all of the paperwork is taken care of.

2. Filing the proper documents. Our attorneys will timely file the documents on your behalf in the right order.

3. Service on your spouse. Not speaking to your spouse at the moment? That is not a problem. Let our attorneys take care of sending everything to your spouse or your spouse’s attorney. You will not be required to have contact with your ex.

What is not included in the flat fee?

1. Filing Fees. The court has a filing fee of between $86 and $98. You are responsible for this fee. Further, if you want your name changed once your divorce is finalized, the court has an additional filing fee of between $21 and $41.

2. Drafting the Property Settlement Agreement. If you want to address custody, visitation, support, or division of assets, you need to have a property settlement agreement executed prior to filing for an uncontested divorce. Our attorneys can assist you with drafting and negotiating this agreement with your spouse. The fees for drafting and negotiating the terms of the agreement are an additional cost.

3. Qualified Domestic Relations Orders. If you have a property settlement agreement and it requires the division of a retirement asset, sometimes a qualified domestic relations order is required. If this is the case for you, each order has an additional cost of $750.

What is required to obtain an uncontested divorce?

1. Residency. Either you or your spouse has lived in Virginia for at least six months.

2. Separation. You have been separated for at least six months (if you do not have minor children and have a property settlement agreement) or at least a year (if you do have minor children, no agreement is required).

3. Signatures. You and your spouse are willing to sign the necessary documents in front of a notary. You do not have to sign together.

What can you expect when you hire Select Law Partners to handle your uncontested divorce?

Our attorneys will draft your documents and timely file your paperwork. You can anticipate that your uncontested divorce will be finalized in about four weeks so long as your spouse timely signs the necessary documents in front of a notary. You will not have to appear in court. Select Law Partners will handle every step from start to finish.

Contact us today to obtain your flat-fee uncontested divorce!