Figuring Out How to Pay for College

Filing for divorce is never easy, but if you have a child that is in high school or considering college, one additional question that you and your spouse must answer during this process is how to pay for your child’s college expenses. States differ on their rules regarding child support for college, and Virginia laws are not particularly helpful in this situation. However, you have other legal options to help Read More

How a Lawyer can Help You With the Enforcement of Court Orders

Court orders are an important part of any case, but especially those concerning the collection of a contractual debt, child support, or alimony. A court order mandates the behavior, actions, or payment of one party during and after a case. However, sometimes people do not obey the terms set forth in court orders, and enforcement procedures are necessary to ensure compliance. If you are in a situation in which payment Read More

Mediation vs. Litigation: Which One is Right for You?

In a divorce and other family law situations, the typical method of resolving issues is through traditional litigation. However, more people are opting to try a collaborative method of conflict resolution, known as mediation. Depending on the specific particulars of your case, mediation or litigation may be a better option for you, so it is important to understand the difference in order to make the most informed Read More

When to Switch from Mediation to Litigation

Divorce mediation can be a great alternative dispute resolution technique to resolve differences during a Virginia divorce negotiation. However, there are times when mediation is no longer an effective technique and you may be required to switch from mediation to traditional divorce litigation. If you suspect any of the following situations are occurring in your divorce mediation case, you should consider speaking Read More

Who Pays for Mediation Costs?

When a couple cannot agree on the terms of their divorce, they can either go through the traditional means of litigating their divorce or opt for the alternative dispute resolution method of mediation. The purpose of divorce mediation is to find collaborative solutions to outstanding issues that will lead to an amicable agreement in the divorce settlement. There are many benefits to utilizing mediation in a Virginia Read More

What is Mediation and How Much Does Court Ordered Mediation Cost?

One of the modern and growing trends in divorce negotiation is the use of mediation in place of traditional litigation. Some couples are opting to try mediation first before traditional court-ordered hearings, while in other situations, the court is ordering couples to try mediation before allowing court divorce hearings. If the court is ordering mediation, it is important to understand how the process works and Read More

What to do About Custody, Visitation, Property, and Other Issues While the Divorce is Proceeding

Filing for divorce can be a lengthy process in Virginia, even if the spouses agree to a no-fault divorce. Sometimes, divorce cases can drag on through the court system for years, but in many cases there are real issues that need to be resolved immediately while the case is going through the courts. Virginia law allows for a family law court to issue “pendente lite” orders to address immediate needs of custody, Read More

The Benefits of Divorce Mediation in Virginia

One of the most popular trends in divorce negotiation is avoiding the contentious litigation in court and instead choosing to settle differences through mediation. There are many benefits to choosing divorce mediation in Virginia instead of traditional divorce proceedings if both spouses are prepared to enter into divorce negotiations with a collaborative, instead of litigious, mindset. A local Virginia divorce Read More

Can a Protective Order Be Granted for Online Abuse in VA?

Cyberbullying and cyberstalking have become some of the most talked about legal terms in recent decades as online interaction has had the unfortunate consequence of facilitating the ability of individuals to intimidate and harass others. State and federal laws do not always keep up to-the-minute with new technological developments, but Virginia has enacted laws which do address and prohibit cyberstalking. A common Read More

Why Sorority/Fraternity Hazing Can Land You in Jail in Virginia

Virginia has a long, rich history of higher education, and many of the nation’s oldest fraternities and sororities began right here in our state. Indeed, the very first Greek organization in the United States was started at the College of William and Mary when Phi Beta Kappa was founded in 1776, the year of our country’s birth. Initiation rites for sororities and fraternities have a rich (if largely secret) history Read More