Why is Divorce More Common During the Start of the Year?

Because divorce in the United States is conducted within 50 different state family court systems involving nearly two million spouses a year, it can be difficult to track reliable statistics regarding the issues and steps leading up to the start of a divorce action, much less a consultation with a divorce lawyer. This is especially the case when the majority of states allow for “no fault” divorces which do not Read More

Is My Spouse Entitled to Inherit From Me During Divorce in Virginia?

From the time a couple separates and at least one spouse begins the divorce process until the divorce is finalized, a lot of unexpected events can occur. One of those events could be the death of either you or your spouse. If the deceased spouse had a valid will in place, then the will, subject to some exceptions (namely the elective share rule discussed below), controls who should receive what, regardless of the Read More

Can Alimony Be Terminated in Virginia When an Ex Cohabitates With a New Partner?

Spousal support, or “alimony” as it is often called, can be awarded in a Virginia divorce matter in a variety of payment structures: it can be awarded in a lump sum; it can be awarded in periodic payments for a specific duration (e.g. 3 years); or it can be awarded in periodic payments for an undefined duration. When alimony is awarded in periodic payments, the person paying the alimony can generally cease paying the Read More

How Is Your Retirement Affected By Your Divorce?

At the same time that divorce rates go down for younger Americans, they are on the rise for older adults. Because older couples have had more years to build up financial assets, this can often mean that there is more financially at stake in divorce, and judges presiding over marriages of longer duration are more likely to order that alimony be paid for longer periods of time. And if retirement is on your horizon, Read More

What Are Some Ways To Make the Divorce Process Easier?

“Divorce” and “easy” are usually not words spoken together in the same breath, and it’s not surprising that this is the case. After all, divorce involves huge emotional, financial, and lifestyle changes: moving out into a new residence, leaving the partner you’ve been with for years for uncertain territory, establishing changed relationships and living situations with children, and adjusting to new financial Read More

Do You Need an Attorney for an Uncontested Divorce?

When it starts to become clear that your marriage is headed for divorce, even an uncontested divorce, you may find yourself facing a whole range of challenges. You might be worried about what’s going to happen to your finances following the divorce, how this decision will impact your relationship with your children, where you will be able to turn for emotional support, or how you will cope with the loss of your Read More

Should I Get a Divorce or an Annulment in Virginia

Deciding to end a marriage is never an easy decision. When the time comes to part ways, emotions can take over, and making decisions can seem overwhelming. In some instances, people may wish that the marriage had never happened in the first place. That’s typically when words like annulment start being tossed around. While an annulment has the function of making a marriage disappear rather than merely terminating it, Read More

5 Signs You Might Need a Divorce Attorney

Divorce is rarely a sudden event, but is usually the resolution of a gradual breakdown of the marriage over a course of several years. Every marriage has its difficulties, and many marriages have been restored even where a split seemed likely, but there are also times when it is in your best interest to talk to a divorce attorney about your rights and the potential outcomes in a divorce. Speaking with a divorce Read More

Why More Couples are Opting for Mediation

Divorce is never easy. Even the most amicable of splits can be emotionally trying when it comes down to dealing with logistics. That stress is only compounded by lengthy and costly court proceedings. The desire to alleviate the stressful formalities of traditional divorce proceedings is leading more and more couples to pursue alternative means of dispute resolution, like mediation. When Is Mediation An Read More

Child Custody Mediation: A Powerful Alternative to Litigation

As family law attorneys, we work with clients facing difficult emotional challenges related to going through a divorce, obtaining spousal and child support, and trying to adjust to life after a separation or divorce while dealing with the demands of the law. But one of the more emotionally grueling types of situations we often see is when parents fight in court over the custody of their children, and a judge has to Read More