The value of communication

To fully understand how valuable communication is in estate planning and family law matters, you need to know that a lack of communication is the source of significant problems. In a divorce, spouses may be entirely out of touch with one another. By the time one or both choose to initiate the divorce process, they may be emerging from long periods of silence. One of the reasons this is so harmful is that neither one is sharing information with the other. 

When you meet with your attorney, you may be entirely out of touch with what is going on in your marriage. Imagine how complex that can be when you fight for custody of your children. By going months or years without talking, your anger may fester and finally emerge during a custody battle in the form of accusations. When people are attacked, they fight back. Fighting fuels more fighting. 

Rather than getting a divorce and moving on with your life, you are stalled and buried under costly litigation. If parties just talked about their issues, especially ones involving children, things wouldn’t have to surface years later. This causes breakdown, dramatically increasing your chances of being pulled into a lengthy court battle. 

Through the Lens of Estate Planning

In terms of estate planning, a family may want to disinherit someone. Furthermore, they may not share this information with their family. What ends up happening is that when a person passes away, there could be will contests and litigation. Although nothing requires you to sit down with your family and explain why you crafted an estate plan in a specific way, you should at least share with your family what is happening. In many instances, your family may be less likely to pursue estate litigation if they understand the reasoning behind your choices—even if they disagree with them. 

When you draft a will, you can choose a guardian for your children. It is paramount that you have a conversation with the person you choose. You must ensure that the person is willing to take on this immense responsibility. Are they willing to do it? Take the time you have to determine who is the best person to raise your children by having an open line of communication. 

Select Law Partners, PLLC, Builds Estate Plans & Represents Family Law Clients

Communication can save marriages. We can assist you if you and your spouse have chosen to pursue divorce. Our experienced attorneys can also help you build an estate plan that preserves your assets and legacy. To speak with one of our lawyers, contact Select Law Partners, PLLC, to schedule a consultation.

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