Shift Your Perspective & View This As A Process

Select Law Partners, PLLC, houses attorneys skilled at estate planning and family law. Anyone who spends time understanding these practice areas will see how much overlap there is between them. When we work with clients with family law or estate planning issues, we notice a general expectation that things can be resolved quickly. Come in, sign the papers, and move on with your life. 

This mindset is understandable because no one wants their divorce to be longer. Estate planning centers around being prepared for your death or incapacitation. Both of these are difficult topics for most people to discuss. By setting appropriate expectations, you will have an easier time navigating through your legal issues. Begin viewing things as a process rather than a one-time event where everything gets resolved. 

The Process Behind Estate Planning  & Family Law 

This isn’t going to happen in two days—and you wouldn’t want it any other way. You can rush through a DIY will template online or do it right. Our attorneys go over what is needed for your unique circumstances. Then we start drafting your plan. During that time, there are going to be sharp turns and pivots. For instance, we may discover that you have a life insurance policy or a special needs child. The latter requires special needs planning because you don’t want them to lose their governmental assistance due to an inheritance. 

It will be more of a zig-zag than a straight path between two points. Additionally, we are at the mercy of the courts and the clerks, especially when dealing with a family law case. It isn’t out of the question that a hearing could be scheduled for 18 months out. When civil matters are involved, there could be as many as three different courts to go through. 

There are even scenarios when attorneys are appointed to represent children. We don’t want to frighten you, but we bring this up to point out how complicated matters can become depending on the details of your divorce. Although we will always do everything within our control to get your issues resolved expediently, there are times when a divorce case takes two years (or more). 

Keeping the Lines of Communication Open 

We will support you regardless of how long it takes to dissolve your marriage or craft an estate plan that fits your needs. Our lines of communication are always open because that is what our clients expect and deserve. If you need assistance with a criminal law, estate planning, or family law issue, contact us today.

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