Restoration of Firearm Rights in Virginia

Being convicted of a felony can have a lifelong impact on your rights. You may find that you have difficulty finding work, securing a loan, or leasing a new apartment. You might not be able to cast your ballot in the next election, and you might find your rights to bear arms, guaranteed under the second amendment, stripped away from you. For many, however, there is hope of having some of these rights restored with the help of a skilled Virginia criminal defense attorney.

Although the Virginia state legislature moved to restore some rights for convicted felons several years ago, the rights to possess, carry, or transport a firearm were not included in this reform. If you have been convicted of a felony, and you wish to regain your right to bear arms, you will need a specific order from a Virginia Circuit Court granting you that right. As you can imagine, that is no easy feat, especially when you are working without the help of an attorney. At Select Law Partners, PLLC, our experienced firearms rights lawyers can assist you in restoring all of your rights after a criminal conviction. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation about seeking the restoration of your firearm rights.

How Can I Seek Restoration of Firearm Rights in Virginia?

If you have been convicted of a felony in Virginia, you have likely lost your right to bear arms. State law requires that you file a petition in your local Circuit Court in order to have your firearms rights restored. The particular Circuit Court where you will need to file your petition will depend on the facts and circumstances of your case. Furthermore, good cause must be shown in order for a court to restore your rights. It is important to note that “good cause” is a varied legal standard and can be interpreted in many ways by a court. How do you know if you have shown good cause? That is where an experienced attorney is key; our attorneys will assist you in evaluating your case and with gathering all of the information necessary to demonstrate good cause to the courts and obtain the restoration of your firearms rights. 

Contact Select Law Partners, PLLC Now to Have Your Firearm Rights Restored

You are an American citizen, and you have rights, regardless of your criminal record. You may have made mistakes, but you’ve done your time, and you have a right to live your life without arbitrary and unfair restrictions. If you wish to have your firearm rights restored, you have legal options. You will need skilled legal representation, though, as the laws in Virginia can be complicated and the legal system hard to navigate on your own. 

Do you or someone you know need to restore their firearms rights after a felony conviction? The experienced attorneys at Select Law Partners, PLLC are passionate about restoring clients’ firearms rights. We are standing by and prepared to work to restore yours, too. Call our office or contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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