Child Custody Mediation: A Powerful Alternative to Litigation

As family law attorneys, we work with clients facing difficult emotional challenges related to going through a divorce, obtaining spousal and child support, and trying to adjust to life after a separation or divorce while dealing with the demands of the law. But one of the more emotionally grueling types of situations we often see is when parents fight in court over the custody of their children, and a judge has to step in to make a ruling in order to ensure the child’s best interests are addressed. This can be extremely difficult for both parents and children, as all of their family issues are dragged into court. Divisions between family members can grow deeper, while the litigation expenses grow higher, leaving less resources available for that child’s care following the custody determination.

Negotiating and finalizing a child custody determination between you and your ex-spouse (or soon-to-be ex-spouse) does not have to be this way. Through child custody mediation, you, your ex-spouse, and even your children (depending on their age) can work together to create a plan that works for all of you, and you can do it behind closed doors with the guidance of an experienced mediator who can help you craft a custody arrangement in light of your rights and responsibilities under Virginia law.

Cut Costs and Adversity with Child Custody Mediation

Contentious child custody cases that go to court can be expensive and drawn out affairs. Often this is because parents have lost the ability to talk things through with each other without getting pulled into the issues that provoked the divorce in the first place. Furthermore, sometimes attorneys get too focused on litigation and their fees can become extraordinary and perspectives can become unreasonable, leading to a long, painful courtroom battle.

In child custody mediation, we will work with all parties to reach an efficient and fair outcome by encouraging parties to work together, reduce dissension, and understand how a Virginia family court may rule on aspects of the arrangement, so that parties are not needlessly arguing based on incorrect assumptions about the law. Child custody agreements can be reached in as little as a few meetings rather than the months or even years that a courtroom fight can entail.

Benefits of Child Custody Mediation

Wouldn’t you rather have control over your child custody plan rather than letting a judge decide the future of your involvement with your children? In a successful mediation, you do. Other benefits of child custody mediation include:

  • It is non-adversarial, guided by a neutral third party, and focused on problem solving, not emotional issues.
  • It is a non-binding process that cannot be used against you in court.
  • Mediation can establish an operating basis for future communications between ex-spouses who will need to remain in contact due to shared children.
  • It is often much less expensive and faster than a custody trial.
  • Mediation puts the focus on what’s best for the children, rather than upon the faults of each ex-spouse.

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