Mediation vs. Litigation: Which One is Right for You?

In a divorce and other family law situations, the typical method of resolving issues is through traditional litigation. However, more people are opting to try a collaborative method of conflict resolution, known as mediation. Depending on the specific particulars of your case, mediation or litigation may be a better option for you, so it is important to understand the difference in order to make the most informed Read More

When to Switch from Mediation to Litigation

Divorce mediation can be a great alternative dispute resolution technique to resolve differences during a Virginia divorce negotiation. However, there are times when mediation is no longer an effective technique and you may be required to switch from mediation to traditional divorce litigation. If you suspect any of the following situations are occurring in your divorce mediation case, you should consider speaking Read More

Who Pays for Mediation Costs?

When a couple cannot agree on the terms of their divorce, they can either go through the traditional means of litigating their divorce or opt for the alternative dispute resolution method of mediation. The purpose of divorce mediation is to find collaborative solutions to outstanding issues that will lead to an amicable agreement in the divorce settlement. There are many benefits to utilizing mediation in a Virginia Read More

What is Mediation and How Much Does Court Ordered Mediation Cost?

One of the modern and growing trends in divorce negotiation is the use of mediation in place of traditional litigation. Some couples are opting to try mediation first before traditional court-ordered hearings, while in other situations, the court is ordering couples to try mediation before allowing court divorce hearings. If the court is ordering mediation, it is important to understand how the process works and Read More

The Benefits of Divorce Mediation in Virginia

One of the most popular trends in divorce negotiation is avoiding the contentious litigation in court and instead choosing to settle differences through mediation. There are many benefits to choosing divorce mediation in Virginia instead of traditional divorce proceedings if both spouses are prepared to enter into divorce negotiations with a collaborative, instead of litigious, mindset. A local Virginia divorce Read More

Preparing For Mediation in Your Virginia Custody Dispute

Mediation is becoming an increasingly favored way for parents in Virginia custody disputes to create a workable custody arrangement which will then be approved and enforced by a Virginia court. Why? Many reasons, not the least of which are that mediation can save time and money. But the essence of mediation is that it allows the parents to collaboratively work out a custody arrangement without having to argue matters Read More

Deciding Whether Mediation is Right for Your Virginia Divorce

“Mediation” and “divorce” may at first seem like contradictory concepts to those entering into the divorce process in Virginia - after all, if two people cannot find a way to stay together, how are they going to be able to work out the complex issues of their divorce together? But more and more divorcing couples in Virginia and elsewhere are indeed finding that mediation is the most mutually beneficial way to Read More

FAQ About Divorce Mediation in Virginia

While the drama of movies such as Kramer v. Kramer and its progeny have helped perpetuate the myth that divorce is inevitably a knock-down-drag-out zero-sum-game battle between formerly loving spouses, the reality is that most people entering the divorce process want to work through it with as little drama and strife as possible. There are certainly pitfalls along the way to achieving that result, as divorce does Read More

5 Questions to Prepare for Divorce Mediation

Mediation can be a great way for divorcing couples to work out their differences and reach an amicable resolution without arguing their issues in a public, costly, lengthy, and dramatic courtroom battle. When couples work with a divorce mediator, the mediator will guide the two spouses towards mutually beneficial agreements on issues such as property distribution, alimony, child custody arrangements, and visitation. Read More

Why More Couples are Opting for Mediation

Divorce is never easy. Even the most amicable of splits can be emotionally trying when it comes down to dealing with logistics. That stress is only compounded by lengthy and costly court proceedings. The desire to alleviate the stressful formalities of traditional divorce proceedings is leading more and more couples to pursue alternative means of dispute resolution, like mediation. When Is Mediation An Read More

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