Can I Modify Custody in Virginia if My Ex-Spouse or I Get Remarried?

One of the biggest life changes that can occur post-divorce is when either you or your spouse decides to get married again. Whether this happens six months after the divorce or six years later, the understanding that you or your ex-spouse is moving on to another spouse can raise all kinds of issues. When kids are involved, however, these issues go beyond just emotional to more practical; day-to-day matters such as: Read More

How and When to Update Your Will in Virginia

It is very common for people to want to update their will, and doing so often makes sense to account for changes in a person’s life. Virginia law makes it relatively easy to update a will, although making sure that formalities are followed is critical to the changes being made effective. Furthermore, updating a will is a great time to speak with an estate attorney to assess your overall financial picture with regard Read More