7 Tips for Dealing With Divorce During the Holidays

As the holidays are fast approaching, many newly-divorced people or those going through a separation may feel some anxiety about how to handle the celebrations. At Kurylo & Gold, PLC, we understand the circumstances and can offer a few tips on how to approach this season.

Make a Plan

If you want to spend time with family and friends, plan to do something that will be relaxing and stress-free. Remember that it is OK to take a vacation from the holidays as well; you can book a trip to get away for the season if you feel there are too many emotional triggers around.

Keep It Simple

Many divorcees find themselves in a smaller place or with less money or time. This can be a perfect time to reevaluate priorities and simplify the holidays. For example, instead of going overboard on presents, pick something meaningful to give.

Focus on Other People

The holiday season is about giving and being thankful. You can spread some joy by putting the focus on other people: invite new friends for celebrations or volunteer your time at a soup kitchen. You may find it refreshing to immerse yourself in helping other people this year.

Be Patient and Realistic

Take the holiday season one day at a time. It is perfectly normal to feel upset at times, and you should also embrace the moments during which you feel happy.

Be Flexible

There is no better time to try something new for the holidays. Instead of mourning traditions that cannot be kept, think of a new one you can start.

Reassure Children

Children may feel especially vulnerable, and it is important to remind them that you will still celebrate the holidays, though you may be doing it in a new way. Allow your kids to help you think of a new tradition.

Take Care of You

Remember that getting sleep, eating well, and exercising will improve your ability to get through the holidays.

While the holiday season can be stressful for anyone, dealing with divorce during the holidays presents different set of anxieties. You can still enjoy this time as long as you develop a plan that works for you.

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