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If you are facing any type of criminal case, you need a trusted, experienced, and proven attorney by your side to help you through the legal process. At Select Law Partners PLLC, we are committed to working diligently to support the unique needs of our clients.

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Types of criminal cases we handle

Choose an experienced lawyer, one who has helped people facing the same types of criminal charges you are facing. Your Blacksburg criminal defense attorney in our office can answer your questions and guide your legal decisions in most types of criminal cases related to the following charges.

Assault and battery

Assault and battery charges in Virginia carry fines and potentially a year in jail. In Virginia, if a law enforcement officer is called to a scene and there is an allegation of an assault involving a family or household member, they must take out a charge, regardless of the circumstances. Our Blacksburg lawyers have handled hundreds of assault and battery charges and can take the matters to trial or negotiate for a favorable outcome on your behalf.


Burglary charges are felonies and a felony conviction can make it very challenging for you to get a job, insurance, or loans. As a result, you should fight against a conviction and full consequences with the help of our legal team.


One of the fastest-growing and most targeted areas of law enforcement is cybercrime. Convictions of these crimes can often carry jail terms, costly fines and fees, limitations on your ability to get a job, and much more. Let our cybercrime criminal justice attorney fight to protect your rights by proving your innocence or getting the best possible outcome.

Drug and alcohol charges

Drug charges related to illicit drugs, misuse of prescription drugs, or alcohol intoxication can lead to fines and jail time, depending on the type of charges you face. Any member of the community can be charged with driving under the influence of alcohol and the consequences can affect a person’s liberty and their livelihood. Let our Blacksburg criminal defense lawyer fight to protect your rights.

Sexual assault

Crimes alleging sexual violence can ruin your reputation and can result in up to a lifetime in prison depending on the accusation. Accusations can sometimes stem from a misunderstanding on a college campus or outright falsehoods from a maliciously motivated complainant. Our Blacksburg lawyers have experience cross-examining witnesses and telling the Defendant’s side of the story.


Murder charges are some of the most severe and carry significant risks of long-term jail time, fines, and ongoing requirements for restitution in some cases. The rest of your life is at risk. Let us ensure your rights remain protected while helping you fight the charges.

Why you should work with an attorney (even if you plan on pleading guilty)

Working with a Blacksburg criminal defense lawyer means having the ability to navigate the legal system to get to the best possible outcome. When you hire an attorney, you gain several key benefits even if you plan to plead guilty.

Your rights remain protected. We work to ensure you know your rights throughout this process and that, during that time, you are treated fairly and within the letter of the law. We also ensure the prosecutor does not use your case as an example and punish you beyond the level your situation warrants.

Most importantly, even if you plead guilty, having a criminal defense lawyer means you get help getting the best possible outcome in your situation. We work to get your charges reduced and consequences lowered. Because we negotiate on your behalf, you may still plead guilty, but you are not going to suffer consequences that do not align with the charges you are facing.

Not every situation where you are charged with a crime warrants pleading guilty, either. There are many situations where our clients can get the legal support and guidance they need to prove their innocence or reduce their charges to a lesser degree. Just because you did something wrong doesn’t mean that the prosecutor can prove it. You may not even know you have a good case that could result in an acquittal if you don’t consult with an attorney.

Do not go into a courtroom without the insight and guidance you need to ensure the best possible outcome in your case. Instead, ensure you have an experienced Blacksburg criminal lawyer by your side to guide you through this process. We will:

  • Gather evidence to support your innocence or reduction in your charges or sentencing.
  • Protect your rights throughout this legal process from the start through the finish.
  • Enable you to have the best possible legal strategy available to you after examining all of your options.
  • Remain by your side to fight for the best possible outcome.
  • Argue your case before a jury if necessary.
  • Protect you, guide you, and provide you with respect.

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What to look for in a Blacksburg, VA criminal defense attorney

Be sure you are hiring a person that fits your needs. We encourage you to set up a consultation to discuss your case and get a feel for the attorney who will work on it. You want to be sure they have the experience and dedication to help you throughout this life-changing event.

Before you hire anyone for this critical job, be sure they offer experience, a proven track record of helping clients in similar situations, and the support you need. Here are three additional areas you need to consider before choosing anyone for your legal representation.

blacksburg criminal defense attorney


You need a lawyer who is dedicated. That means they need to believe in you and your case. Even if you are pleading guilty, you want to be sure this attorney is capable of fighting to protect your rights because they are passionate about securing the best outcome for you.

Dedication also means that the attorney is going to make the time for you. You want someone who will:

  • Make time to answer your calls
  • Put the time into developing a legal strategy
  • Work to get your charges reduced or punishments lowered even when you are pleading guilty

A dedicated lawyer is one you can trust to be there through this very difficult time.


Another core factor to consider in a well-qualified attorney is their perseverance. Just how much time and effort are they going to put into proving your innocence or working to reduce your charges?

You do not want to hire a lawyer who is simply going to file some paperwork for you. Rather, you need a criminal defense attorney in Blacksburg, VA, who will fight hard for your best possible outcome. That means not giving up on you or your case. It also means choosing a lawyer who is going to think creatively and do the research to support you throughout this process. If an attorney simply tells you to settle your case and take what you get, move on to one that is going to put the time in to support you.


It matters what type of reputation the attorney has in the court system by the prosecutors and the judges. You want an attorney who is respected and connected. This helps you in many ways.

Having a criminal defense attorney who can fight for you because they have connections to expert witnesses and accident recreation tools can help you fight charges you feel are unfair but hard to disprove. Connections also mean that you can minimize the struggle you have in the months after your case.


Nothing is more important in a criminal defense lawyer than their experience. Our Blacksburg lawyers have represented defendants in over a thousand cases including countless DUIs, thefts, assaults, computer crimes, maimings, sex crimes, and murders.

Experienced lawyers are not rattled by multiple witnesses or serious allegations. They can give you insight from similar cases and they are familiar with common defenses. Most importantly, they are fearless in the face of taking a matter to trial when necessary.

The criminal defense process in Virginia

Perhaps one of the most impactful ways a Blacksburg criminal defense attorney can help you is to educate you. The criminal process in Virginia can be complicated and overwhelming. There is much more to it than most people realize. Our legal team at Select Law Partners PLLC remains by your side throughout the entire process, working to minimize the impact this legal matter has on your future.

If you have questions, ask us. If you are unsure of any component of the legal process, we are here for you with answers. The following is the criminal legal process in Virginia based on criminal case procedures set by the Virginia Courts.

1. Arraignment and preliminary hearings

Once the police are ready to take action, they will issue a summons or an arrest warrant. When you receive these, we encourage you to call us before doing anything else. There will be information provided to you about what steps you need to take.

You will then come before the court in an arraignment. This first appearance happens after you have been photographed and fingerprinted. You are then entered into the system. You will come before the judge to learn what you are being charged with. The judge will ask if you want to have a lawyer represent you or if you waive representation. If you have hired one of our Blacksburg lawyers beforehand, you may not have to appear for arraignment depending on the court.

In felony cases that start in a district court, you will have a preliminary hearing in which the prosecutor shows that they have probable cause for your arrest and charge. You can expect to come before the court in this step. You should have your criminal defense attorney by your side through this first step as it is an opportunity to vet the evidence brought against you.

2. Pre-trial motions and trial

Pre-trial motions are legal arguments presented in writing to the court before trial which are centered around critical issues in your case. These are motions that either your attorney or the prosecutor can make before trial. For example, your criminal defense attorney may ask the judge in a pre-trial motion to suppress some evidence, which means it will not be used in your case.

If the matter is not dropped by the prosecution based on your attorney’s efforts, and if there is no acceptable offer made by the prosecutor, then your case will go to trial. Your lawyer will help you determine what steps to take at this point, such as how to answer questions, as well as developing a legal strategy to support your case. In the district courts, a trial is always in front of a judge. In Circuit Court you have the opportunity to request a jury trial so make sure you have an attorney who is unafraid to take matters before a jury.

3. Sentencing

If you are found guilty of the crime, sentencing occurs. This is when the judge will determine, based on the evidence of the case, what type of punishment and consequences you will face. You may have the ability to make a statement at this time as well. Your Blacksburg criminal defense attorney will run sentencing guidelines based on the charge, the nature of the offense, and your criminal history. The guidelines provide a suggestion to the judge of the range of sentences they should consider for you.

4. Appeals

Appeals are a legal right in the U.S. If you plan to appeal, allow us to help guide you through that process so that you make your appeal count. Let our attorneys know quickly that you wish to appeal. If you miss the deadline by which you are allowed to appeal, then you lose the right to appeal.

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