What to Look For in a Family Law Attorney

Family law matters are often difficult, emotional, and stressful issues that can fundamentally alter the lives of you and your loved ones. There are some specific things that you should look for when deciding which family law attorney is right for you. To learn more, call or contact the skilled lawyers at Select Law Partners, PLLC today to schedule a consultation of your case.

A Specific Focus on Family Law

The first thing you should look for in a family law attorney is one that devotes a large portion of their practice in family law matters, such as divorce, custody, and support. Some lawyers are generalists and handle all types of legal issues; while this is not necessarily a bad thing, you definitely want an attorney that regularly practices family law. Having an attorney that regularly handles matters involving Virginia family law will provide an efficient and deliberate resolution to your case.

Clarity on Fee Structure

When looking for a family law attorney, you also want a lawyer who provides transparency and clarity about fees. A lawyer should be able to tell you upfront what their fee structure is and what the expectations are for payment before and during the case; preferably this would be laid out in a written fee agreement. Be sure to ask what additional fees may be expected if the case goes to trial or how the fees might change if you choose to use an alternative dispute resolution method. There should be complete clarity in how much you should expect to pay if this lawyer handles your case. 

How Often Is the Attorney in Court

If your matter involves court filings and court attendance, it is important to know how often the attorney handles litigation. If a family law matter is going to be litigated, you will want an attorney that regularly appears before the judges in your local courts, so that they understand the local procedures and have insight on how judges rule on issues.

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