Top 5 Tips on How to Make Child Visitation in Virginia Easier

When marriage is no longer an option for couples with children, making child visitation an optimal situation should be a top goal for both parents. Even the most good-natured children can find living with a visitation schedule a difficult thing to handle. Divorced parents should follow the following five tips to make child visitation in Virginia as easy as possible.

1. Keep Opinions Between Adults.

When children hear one parent speak negatively about the other, it can be psychologically damaging. If safe and appropriate, divorcees should look for ways to encourage children to build healthy relationships with both parents.

2. Neutralize Loyalty Issues.

When with one parent, children may feel like they are betraying the love of the other parent. To combat this, parents should use positive speech when talking of their exes. If possible, they should also show that spending time with the other party is not an issue of loyalty by encouraging the relationship.

3. Remember That Children Are Not Messengers.

Parents should never use their children as messengers. Even innocent messages can turn into heated arguments and debates that may leave a child confused and wondering what they did wrong. If parents have something to say to one another, they should communicate those needs and wants without a minor being involved.

4. Adhere to the Visitation Schedule.

Child visitation in Virginia can be established in one of two ways: by agreement between the parties or by a court order. In either situation, that schedule is binding on the parents. Parents should stick to the schedule unless there is a major issue that needs to be addressed by the court.

5. Utilize Familiar Routines.

Weekly transitions to a different household would be challenging for adults, let alone children. Establishing similar routines at both homes may help them predict what will happen and give them an added sense of security.

Parents should always aim to accommodate the needs of their children when setting up child visitation in Virginia. These simple tips can make a large difference in a child’s life. The bottom line: PUT YOUR KIDS FIRST.

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