Should I Talk to a Lawyer if Facing Divorce in VA?

When a person is facing the prospect of divorce in Virginia, sometimes he or she does not feel like reaching out to a family law attorney to discuss the matter. There are many reasons why this hesitation to speak with a lawyer might be the case, but common reasons include:

  • Fear that talking to a lawyer will antagonize the other spouse
  • Worry that talking to an attorney will somehow make the divorce become “real” and set in motion an irreversible journey towards divorce
  • Concern about the cost of consulting with a lawyer

While all of these concerns are understandable, especially with respect to the emotional and financial stress that the prospect of a divorce can bring about, for the reasons stated below, these concerns should not prevent you from consulting with a lawyer.

Consulting With Counsel is About Protection, Not Antagonism

When you speak with an attorney regarding a potential divorce, your concern should be about making sure your rights and interests are protected under the law both throughout and after the divorce. Therefore, consulting with an attorney is an absolutely justified and responsible thing to do. You are not there to antagonize your spouse but to protect your interests.

Speaking With an Attorney Does Not Mean You Will Get Divorced

Many spouses who speak with family law attorneys regarding what their future and the future of their children might look like if they decide to pursue a divorce do not take any further action outside of the consultation. Accordingly, by speaking with a family law attorney, you can gain clarity on the range of options available to you, but leave open the option of whether you move forward with filing for the divorce.

Your Future is Worth Getting Clear Counsel

Certainly, there is some cost to working with counsel to determine how the law will affect your specific situation, and an experienced family law attorney will be expected to be compensated for that time. But when compared to the financial consequences of a divorce – which can include enormous implications with regard to property division, ongoing alimony payments, and child support – the investment in seeking personalized counsel on all of these issues is generally worth it.

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