Does Hiring a Divorce Attorney Make Things Better or Worse?

It’s a refrain you hear both in real life and in the movies and TV when the topic of a pending divorce comes up: “no lawyers.” As lawyers ourselves, we are certainly familiar with the concept that, for some people, the idea of lawyers conjures up a less-than-flattering image of vultures swooping into an already challenging scene and just making things worse. The goal of “no lawyers” can be a tempting option for couples who are already dealing with the difficult emotional ramifications of their marriage coming to an end, and don’t want additional unknowns and potential drama in their life. But does not hiring a divorce attorney really make things better? Here are a few things to think about.

Your Divorce Will Affect Your Life For Many Years to Come

In the early days of a divorce, mustering the energy to get out of bed can be a difficult proposition, much less seeking out the guidance of a professional in an unfamiliar world such as divorce law. Thus, the temptation to “go it alone” is often great to just “get it over with.”

But the truth is, while the actual legal decree ending your marriage is something that you can “get it over with” without a lawyer, the legal consequences of your divorce will be with you for many years in most cases.

For many peoeple, divorce is the most financially significant event of their adult life. You will be dividing up all the property that you and your spouse have accumulated over the years, which includes property you may not even be thinking about right now, such as future pensions and retirement benefits. Furthermore, you may be entitled to, or obligated to pay, spousal support payments that are in the tens of thousands of dollars each year. And, when children are involved, there are equally significant, if not more so, child support payments at issue, as well as the deeply emotional process of figuring out a custody arrangement and schedule.

With these hugely important topics at issue – and the often complicated and confusing state laws and procedures that go along with them – attempting to “get it over with” by forgoing professional guidance that is specifically designed to protect your interests can be an enormous mistake that affects your life for many years to come.

What’s Really Motivating the “No Lawyers” Idea?

You will want to ask yourself what is really motivating the “no lawyers” idea. Note that established professionals and celebrities whose divorces you might hear about in the news practically never attempt to maneuver a divorce without the assistance of a trusted legal advisor.

Is “no lawyers” an idea that is coming from your spouse? If so, why might he or she be pushing that concept? Is it really out of a concern for you best interests in the long run following the divorce, or could it be something more selfish?

Obviously, money is a concern, and we often find that fears about depleting resources right before a spouse is on his or her own is usually the overriding motivation in avoiding lawyers, and not a belief that doing so will actually make things better for both parties. For the reasons stated above, a decision to forgo lawyers to save funds may save you a little bit of money right now, but it can cost you exponentially more in the long run.

Not All Family Law Attorneys Are the Same

Maybe you have heard stories from family members or friends who went through bitter divorces about attorneys who did not live up to expectations.  Whether that bitterness was due to the lawyer or some other factor in the divorce may be hard to say, but understand that there are many compassionate, experienced family law attorneys out there who have built their reputations and practices on serving their clients with honor by protecting their interests and guiding them through the difficult process of divorce. Take the time to find a family law attorney that provides you with that sense of security.

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