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Considering divorce? Are you worried your soon-to-be ex won’t pay child support? Are you baffled by the military and federal employee divorce process? With Select Law Partners, PLLC, you’ll receive legal counsel that puts your best interests first.

Divorce and other family issues don’t have to be ugly and cause resentment. With Select Law Partners, you’ll find a constructive resolution that works for you. We do everything possible to help the process go as smoothly and painlessly as possible. Call (855) 541-4867 to speak with an attorney.

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Select Law Partners is the most trusted family law firm in Virginia

Honesty is a core value at Select Law Partners, PLLC. Our attorneys are open and honest with our clients, which enables them to make better-informed decisions and obtain more favorable outcomes in their cases.

When you hire Select Law Partners as your family law attorneys, we’ll engage in open dialogue about your rights and what you can expect from us. We’ll be honest with you about your case, including potential weak points, and we’ll make sure you thoroughly understand your legal options. When faced with a family law issue, you can count on us to offer sound advice and wise counsel.

We value communication

Open and honest communication is essential in any attorney-client relationship. We understand that you and your family may be facing one of the most challenging times in your life so we won’t sugarcoat the situation. The first step in resolving an issue is understanding its ins and outs.

We’ll take the time to learn about your family dynamics and goals and address your questions and concerns. At Select Law Partners, you get the one-on-one attention you deserve with the effectiveness of having an entire legal team on your side.

Each of our attorneys is dedicated to providing custom representation for clients in family law matters, from divorce to child custody. We understand these are challenging times in your life, and we’ll work with you to resolve them.

See what our family law clients have to say

After being blindsided by my ex-wife with a request for a divorce, I was not sure where to turn. I felt as though I were staring into the abyss. What should my first steps be? How much would this cost? What are the legal proceedings? What will happen to our child? David provided me peace of mind from the beginning. He patiently explained each step and provided the service at a competitive rate. The biggest compliment that I can pay him is that he got me the results that I wanted. David’s comprehensive understanding of the region’s legal system proved to be the most valuable asset. Thank you again, David.

  • S.H.
Matt Kurylo helped me with my custody case in February 2020. He was very professional and knowledgeable. Explained everything to me in detail, he or someone from his team returned my emails and calls in a timely matter. In the courtroom He was right on point, fearless, he knew exactly what was going on. Called out all the bs from my ex. He killed it. I can’t thank him enough.

  • Erika G.

Our family law methods are centered on resolution

Sure, there are times when the court is the only option for settling a contentious divorce. But in most cases, the parties just want the process to go as smoothly as possible. Attorneys at Select Law Partners believe open communication and respect are the keys to more healthy, resolution-based divorces or custody proceedings.

We utilize methods of collaboration and meditation to arrive at a more agreeable, less expensive, and more respectful resolution without ever having to step into a courtroom.


Instead of a confrontational court proceeding, Select Law Partners can help you and your spouse craft an agreement that focuses on both of your needs. This will create a space of mutual respect instead of hostility or resentment. Through constructive discussion, we’ll help you communicate and identify possible alternatives.


Family law matters are sensitive and often require a more humane approach to dispute resolution than taking the matter to court. Our firm proudly offers constructive mediation to resolve a divorce or custody dispute.

Mediation lets you communicate healthily your needs, interests, and concerns, helping you move on from the divorce without arguments and vindictiveness. Mediation fosters sincere communication and diplomacy rather than hostility.

Want to learn more about collaboration and mediation? Our family lawyers are happy to help. Call (855) 541-4867 now.

Select Law Partners PLLC handles all types of family law cases every day


Are you just starting to consider adoption or are you ready to take the next step? Whether you’re seeking to grow your family or adopt your partner’s child, our family lawyers can help.

A trusted legal counselor from Select Law Partners will help you understand your legal rights and the complex adoption process. Having a family attorney helps ease the legal burden and frustrating red tape involved with adoption. Call now to learn how we can assist you during this exciting time.

Prenuptial and premarital agreements

No matter how unromantic this may sound, marriage is a legal contract with financial implications. That’s why a prenuptial agreement is beneficial for both parties.

It’s a chance for you and your spouse to address important, sometimes difficult or contentious, questions about premarital assets and debts, children, property, business, and even retirement — all before you ever get married.

A marriage ending in divorce can have profound consequences for both parties. We can help you create an inclusive prenuptial agreement to protect yourself and your family. Call now to learn more about making a prenuptial agreement with Select Law Partners.

Uncontested and contested divorce

When you and your spouse can reach an agreement about all the issues about your divorce, from property division to child custody, we can help you move forward with an uncontested divorce under state law. This can be quicker, and much less expensive, than a contested divorce.

However, many spouses can’t agree about everything during the divorce process. Contested divorces are common, whether the disagreement is about child custody, spousal support, property division, or the divorce itself. We can help you file a contested divorce if you’re in this situation.

The divorce process can be stressful and overwhelming, and state divorce laws complicate it even more. Our family law attorneys do everything possible to make the process uncomplicated and efficient while prioritizing your best interests.

From uncontested divorces to complex divorce litigation, we customize our approach to our client’s needs, keeping communication open and respectful.

Marital property division

Virginia is an equitable distribution state, which means all marital property gets distributed between spouses in a manner that the court determines to be fair. Our attorneys will discuss the factors the court will consider in your case and help ensure you receive your rightful settlement.

Child custody

Family law issues are more sensitive when children are involved. Our family lawyers provide compassionate and experienced legal advocacy to families who need assistance with child custody disputes. We help our clients agree by understanding the two types of custody: legal and physical.

Legal custody includes making important decisions about a child’s life, such as where the child will go to school and what kind of medical care they require. Physical custody determines where a child will regularly live. The court may award parents legal, physical, joint, or sole custody.

family law attorney child custody

“Best interests of the child” standard

Virginia courts use the “best interests of the child” standard to determine custody. We frequently work with families who need assistance with child custody disputes, which are resolved based on the child’s best interests.

The court considers many factors in determining the right placement for the child, including but not limited to:

  • Child’s age, physical needs, and mental condition;
  • Child’s changing developmental needs;
  • Parents’ ages, physical conditions, and mental conditions; and
  • Existing relationships between the child and each parent.
  • Child and spousal support

The law requires parents to provide financial support for their minor children. If a child’s parents are divorced or separated, the parent with physical custody must receive financial support from the other parent. Child support provides for the living necessities and other expenses related to caring for the child(ren).

Courts examine many factors when determining child support, including:

  • Each parent’s income;
  • Number of children within the relationship;
  • Number of children outside of the relationship; and
  • Custodial schedule.

Our family attorneys also provide representation for clients facing spousal support issues. Spousal support affects single-income couples facing divorce or working couples with significant income differences.

The court examines many factors when determining spousal support. These factors include, but are not limited to:

  • Length of the marriage;
  • Financial needs, obligations, and resources of each spouse;
  • Age as well as physical and mental health of each spouse;
  • Financial contributions to the marriage; and
  • Standard of living the couple achieved during the marriage.

Military & federal employee divorces

Virginia is home to thousands of federal employees and military members. There are special circumstances for these employees that must be taken into consideration during divorce proceedings. Select Law Partners has significant experience resolving military and federal employee divorce cases.

We can provide you with the knowledge and background you need to manage the special considerations of a military or federal employee divorce.

Meet our compassionate family law attorneys

Sarah G. Goding

Sarah has extensive experience assisting federal employees, military service members, and their spouses in navigating divorces, child custody, and child and spousal support matters. Sarah is a mediator and certified collaborative divorce attorney who helps clients reach successful settlements without expensive, lengthy litigation. Read Sarah’s full profile here.

Matthew Kurylo

Matthew is committed to providing high-quality representation to families. He handles family law cases involving divorce, military divorce, child custody, child support, and property division. He also provides mediation services related to family law issues. Read Matthew’s full profile here.

David Danieli

David Danieli is proud to dedicate his legal career to assisting and supporting families and individuals during their time of need. His experience allows him to pursue beneficial and sustainable solutions to complex family law concerns and other legal matters. Read David’s full profile here.

Emily E. Gold

As a native of Virginia Beach, Virginia, Emily has spent her life in the Commonwealth and continues to serve her community in various family cases in Northern and Central Virginia. She received a B.A. in psychology from the University of Virginia and a J.D. from George Mason University School of Law. Read Emily’s full profile here.

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Our family law attorneys provide the guidance you need to navigate this difficult time

Family law matters are complicated. Whether you’re considering divorce or in a contentious child custody dispute, the attorneys at Select Law Partners, PLLC, will do everything we can to make the process as efficient and pain-free as possible.

From simple, uncontested divorces to complex divorce litigation, we customize our approach to meet our client’s needs.

Call us at (855) 541-4867 or fill out our online contact form, and we’ll be in touch with you soon.

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