Common Questions About Divorce in Virginia

Getting a divorce can be an overwhelming and exhausting process, emotionally and physically. If you are starting the process of divorce, you may have several questions. We have answers to five common questions about what the coming months will involve and how your personal situation will be affected by the decision to end your marriage.

1. How is Property Divided?

In Virginia, property is divided equitably between divorcing spouses. If you and your spouse cannot come to an agreement as to how your property should be divided, a judge will make this decision by taking into account several factors. For example, a judge may consider what professional and personal sacrifices were made during the marriage and the occupation of each spouse.

2. How are Child Custody Arrangements Determined?

During divorce in Virginia, child custody arrangements are determined according to the circumstances of each parent and the best interests of each child. However, most courts assume that it is best for the children of divorced parents to have consistent contact with both of their parents.

3. What are the Rules Regarding Child Support?

Even after divorce, parents in Virginia are required to support their children. However, how much financial support each parent is expected to contribute depends on his or her income, his or her resources, and the amount of time he or she spends with his or her children.

4. What are the Grounds for Divorce?

In Virginia, divorcing spouses can base their divorce on no-fault grounds or fault grounds. Keep in mind that fault-based divorces are often more contentious than divorces based on no-fault.

5. Is there a Residency Requirement?

Before filing for divorce in Virginia, at least one spouse must have lived in the state for a period of six months.

These are likely just a few of the questions you have about getting divorced in Virginia. If you have any other questions about what will happen during the divorce process, contact the attorneys at Select Law Partners to schedule your family law consultation.


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