Five Mistakes to Avoid in the Virginia Divorce Process

Getting a divorce is the last thing that anyone wants to deal with, but the process can be a financial and emotional minefield if you don’t tread carefully. With the help of a Virginia divorce lawyer and these five tips, there’s no need for your divorce to become a living nightmare.

1. Rushing

You may want your divorce to be over as quickly as possible, but it’s best that you realize that it might be a while before your divorce is final. Have a long and honest talk with your lawyer and your accountant to discuss any legal or financial moves you’re planning for expert advice. Don’t sign or agree to anything without discussing it with your lawyer, and make sure the divorce settlement is one that you are comfortable with.

2. Letting Your Lawyer Handle Everything

You have to remember that your lawyer is there to provide you with legal guidance, not make all of your decisions for you. Remember that when the divorce process is over it’s you who will have to deal with the consequences of the divorce, whether they’re good or bad. Your lawyer is the roadmap, but it’s up to you to decide how to get to your destination.

3. Giving Your Friends and Family a Say

Again, your divorce has to do with you and your soon-to-be-ex-spouse, not your friends and family. While they might have gone through a divorce or known of other people who have gone through a divorce, your experience might be entirely different. Your friends are there to provide emotional support while your attorney provides legal support.

4. Failing to Inventory Your Assets

Before you divide your assets, take inventory of them. Specifically, you’ll want to take note of:

  • The description of the item.
  • When you bought the item.
  • How much you paid for it.
  • How much it’s currently worth.

5. Forgetting About Taxes

After the divorce is final, will you still file a joint return for your taxes or separate returns? If you have children, who’s allowed to claim them as dependents? Do you qualify for child care credit? Will your future taxes be altered by any alimony or child support you receive? Talk with your attorney about these issues while the divorce process is taking place.

Don’t leave anything to chance when it comes to divorce. No matter how you may feel about the situation, make sure that you don’t cheat yourself or your future.

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