How Do I Obtain a Protective Order?

Protective orders can be obtained in two different ways in Virginia. First, protective orders can be automatically issued for the protection of a crime victim following a defendant's arrest. Second, any person can make a sworn statement before a magistrate. Both methods can result in the issuance of an Emergency Protective Order ("EPO"), which is good for up to 72 hours. If the person wants the EPO to be extended, Read More

I Found An AirTag or Tracking Device in My Belongings? What do I do?

Many people utilize tracking capabilities in their devices to prevent the loss of those devices and keep track of loved ones. Unfortunately, though, some use these tracking capabilities to harass others or even assist with criminal activity. As highlighted in Good Morning America, Apple AirTags are becoming a tracking tool used for nefarious purposes. The placing of AirTag or other tracking device may be an Read More

How do I defend myself against a domestic violence charge?

If you're facing a charge alleging domestic violence, you have the right to a defense. However, the idea of defending yourself against such a charge can be overwhelming, especially if there are ongoing family law issues as well. There's no one specific way to defend against a domestic violence charge. Each case is unique and depends upon the particular facts and circumstances of the relationship. The consequences Read More

Fairfax sex crimes lawyer

If you were charged with a sex crime in Fairfax, call us right away at (855) 541-4867 or contact us online to schedule a consultation. In the meantime, keep reading to learn more about different charges, defenses, and the potential consequences that accompany a conviction. Our Fairfax criminal defense lawyers are here for you. What to do after being arrested The severity of the penalties for committing a sex crime Read More

Fairfax manslaughter attorney

A manslaughter charge against you might feel like a time to panic. Whether it’s a charge of involuntary, voluntary, or DUI manslaughter, it is reasonable to feel overwhelmed because a person has died and a conviction could result in a prison sentence and significant fines. If you were charged with manslaughter, don’t panic – take action by contacting a skilled Fairfax criminal defense lawyer at Select Law Partners Read More

Fairfax homicide defense lawyers

If you’ve been charged with homicide, it’s essential that you work with an attorney who’s experienced in criminal defense cases like yours and has a proven track record of winning cases in your local courts. Working with a Fairfax criminal defense lawyer from Select Law Partners PLLC will ensure that your rights are protected and the best possible outcome is achieved. We understand the mental and emotional load of Read More

Reckless Driving Charges & Protecting Your Rights

Like DUIs, many assume there is no defense against a reckless driving charge. Changing your mindset about this is critical because these charges have severe consequences in Virginia, ranging from significant fines to losing your driver’s license and potential jail time. When you face a reckless driving charge, seek the guidance of an experienced criminal defense attorney who can protect your rights. Select Law Read More

Simple vs. Aggravated Assault and Battery in Virginia

When most people hear the word “assault,” they think of someone getting physically struck by another person. However, that is NOT the definition of assault in Virginia or many other jurisdictions. Assault means someone has only threatened to hurt another person physically and accompanied that threat with a physical motion indicating the assaulter intends to follow through with that threat. Assault is defined as Read More

Common DUI/DWI Defenses

DUI or DWI convictions can have long-term consequences. In addition to being traumatic for first-time offenders, these consequences can affect the rest of your life. Your driver's license may be restricted or revoked, and you may face a jail term, fines, and probation. You may also experience a negative effect on your job prospects or immigration status.  These harsh penalties all arise from the alarming reality Read More

Virginia Assault and Battery: What You Need to Know

Many people assume that assault and battery are a single crime, but they are actually two separate offenses. A person can be accused of committing assault, battery, or both in a single instance. Whether charged with only one offense or both together, the penalties for conviction of assault and battery crimes can be severe.  If you or someone you know has been accused of committing these offenses in either Northern Read More

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