7 Tips for Co-Parenting After Divorce in Virginia

If you recently got divorced and you and your ex-spouse share parenting responsibilities, you may have found that it isn’t always easy. To ensure the success of this arrangement, there are several steps you should take and several things you should avoid once your shared custody agreement is finalized.

Establishing a Successful Co-Parenting Relationship

After your divorce, it’s best to establish practices that will benefit you and your children as you begin to co-parent with your former spouse from the start by participating in the following seven practices:

  1. Don’t spend your time and energy trying to change your co-parent. Instead, try to stay positive and move forward.
  2. Maintain consistent routines at both households to help your children adjust to the transition of living in two homes.
  3. Avoid speaking negatively about your former spouse in front of your children.
  4. Refrain from using your children as a way to get information about what your ex-spouse is doing.
  5. Treat the relationship you have with your former spouse like a business partnership. Work together to ultimately do what is best for the child.
  6. Try to keep the bests interests of your children in mind while making arrangements with your ex-spouse.
  7. Don’t make parenting difficult for your co-parent out of spite or because you want revenge. Instead, respect the terms of the arrangement, even when it is difficult.

Additionally, commit to communicating frequently with your former spouse about your children. To avoid conflict, never let these conversations digress into discussions about your marriage’s faults or your personal needs.

An Attorney Can Help

Although establishing a successful co-parenting relationship with a former spouse can be challenging, it will likely be worth it for your children. If you ever run into any complications or your spouse is disobeying the terms of your shared custody agreement, consider turning to an attorney to address these concerns and to understand what legal action needs to be taken.

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