5 Ways to Help Manage the Cost of Divorce in Virginia

Divorce usually isn’t an easy process, nor is it often inexpensive. Rather than remain unhappy in your marriage longer than you have to because of the price of divorce, learn a few ways that you can save on the cost of divorce in Virginia.

1. Focus on the Things That Matter

No matter how nasty your divorce might be, try your best not to be petty and argue over who gets to keep the coffeemaker or the TV. Remember that you have to pay for the time and energy you spend arguing over these items, so focus on things of more value like child support, alimony, and retirement division.

2. Contact Your Attorney Only When You Need To

Rather than call your attorney every time you have a question, write your questions down and save them for your next scheduled meeting. It may be a shock when you get your first invoice and see you were billed for each of those 10- or 30-minute conversations. Another good reason to wait to ask questions is that your attorney may give you the answer without you having to ask.

3. Look Over Your Invoice

Instead of immediately paying every invoice your attorney sends, look over it to see if there are any mistakes. Reviewing your invoice is also a good way for you to know how your retainer is being used. Don’t be afraid to ask your attorney or the staff if you feel there are questionable charges on your invoice.

4. Be Prepared and on Time for Mediation and Court Appearances

Not only should you arrive on time for all court appearances and mediation, you should be early (a good general rule is to be 10 minutes early). Being late can cost you in more ways than one, and so can not having all of the documents and information you need to complete your appearance in a timely manner.

5. Keep Up With Paperwork

Open, read, and keep up with any documents, correspondences and items your attorney sends you. Having to request duplicates costs you and can frustrate your attorney. Make your divorce easier and less expensive.

You have more control over the cost of divorce in Virginia than you may realize. Do your part to save yourself time, energy, and money.

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